Created in the Polyvore phone app. So this was mostly my dream
It was a hot summer day. You were with your friends 1d and some of your BFF's from school( who tried hard not to fangirl). You were the one who also liked Liam out of your friends.You were all heading to the beach when you heard a loud happy birthday from Louis to Liam. Liam being kind said thanks and then sat down. I walked over to him and said hi."hi y/n" said Liam. "It's your birthday today!" I said surprised. " actually it was yesterday". " I'm sorry I didn't call you to say happy birthday". "It's ok y/n almost everybody forgot"." I'm sorry to hear that". "Nah I'm kinda used to it"."You know what we're all going to do"."go to the beach" Liam said."yes but some other time". I gathered everybody and told them " We're going to the movies". But first I gave him a Horan hug. Some people were sad and others were happy. The movies weren't that far from my house so you all decided to go walking. But in case someone was tired we brought one car. When we were walking inside the theater there were some guys in a corner looking at me. Like 3 or 4 guys. Liam noticed my sudden change in behavior. He looked over to the guys staring at me, put his arm over me and pulled me close to him. I blushed a little and realized Liam was actually a little jealous or trying to help me. When we were going up the escalator. Those guys waited a few minutes then came up the escalators. I was really nervous and Liam noticed it. " it's ok y/n I will protect you". Liam was your friend since pre-k so he really was your BFF since little. When we got upstairs I was getting really nervous. My hands were kind of shaking like a little. I went to go check the time that the movies started. ( I don't know what movie comes out this weekend so sorry). Liam had a phone call from his parents so he was busy, and everybody else was talking and noticed absolute nothing. I went alone to check the time.( this is my dream#dontjudgeme) then I was really scared and I felt like somebody was behind me. Then I felt something grab my shoulder. I turned around and it was those guys. I froze in shock. They grabbed me and started to hit my stomach and tried to grab my mini wallet. As every person should do they protect themselves and I did so I put my foot up and kicked 2 of the guys. Then I screamed " Liam help me". Liam looked over and dropped his phone and ran towards me. Since he knows boxing he beat up all of the guys. I ran towards Liam and hugged him really hard. The security caught the guys and then the cops came an arrested them. I was actually that they robbed 3 other people around town. All the guys asked me if I was ok. As of for me I didn't want to watch the movie anymore. So I asked Louis to give the keys to the car so I can just sit there. I got the keys then ran to the car. Liam came behind me saying that I wasn't going alone to the car.i told him to stay in the theater because it was his birthday but he said no. In the car I was just crying mostly because of what just happened. Not just because they hit me in the stomach and leg. So Liam told me that everything was going to be ok. I said no because I ruined his birthday and everything like that. He said it was the best birthday of
His life so far. I was like how. He's said "like this". then he put his hand on your cheek, then kissed you! You guys were dating for3 years then he asked you to marry him!!!

This was made for everybody. Not just for me even though I am in luv with Liam!
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