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Here's what I would love my Instagram to look like. I've been meaning to make a couple of Instagram collections for a while but never really gottn around to it. My sister just put one up on her accound and that sort of encouraged me to do so as well.
I thought I'd start off by introducing a couple of key characters and then get straight into something exciting... like a holiday to Australia.
I would love feedback from you guys so, if you have the time and are totally awesome, could you please leave a comment or send a message telling me what you thought. That would be amazing!
This is also linked to my sister's (@ella-styles's) one. We work on them separately so sometimes the times won't make sense or one of us will miss something out but you should still go check it out.
Anyway, I hope you like it. There'll be plenty more where this came from ;)
xx Rose


Wrote two years ago
Aww thank you @hjnapier009 xx

Wrote two years ago
i love your instagram collections! ♥

Wrote two years ago
My Lovely Taglist Part 2:
| @beachcutie22 | @suukipayne | @maddisontomo98 | @avrilrocks2000 | @wonderland-2001 | @mikaylaa-s | @par0dise | @danny-f | @aliaa-alasi | @surf-sand-sun-smile | @dreaming-in-lightning | @strawberrypancakes | @rosiemaddie | @directioner4life123 | @rougelips | @tamethatfire | @samab1 | @attitudediva |

Wrote two years ago
My Lovely Taglist Part 1:
| @lala-romano | @peepsco98 | @elladare | @directionerforever01 | @alldew | @thisisbeccafig | @dancypants15 | @itzamna17 | @fashioncolour | @terriann36 | @niallersprincess1327 | @natanderson | @almaybabe13 | @pastelandplains | @believe-in-magic-love | @minnie-mouse32 | @georgieodair | @ella-styles | @leapsforthestars |


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