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Because Grace’s life isn’t already enough of a mega melodramatic soap opera (and this isn’t even a very good episode of it xD). I didn’t even plan for this it just kinda happened as I was writing it. Oops. Mentions of @martasmiling @kkerry and @sarahstardom 

Grace Milton; November 17

Today really actually was judgement day.

I’d been out in the morning with my family but it was currently just after one and I was lounging on my bed, Gabriel sitting next to me. We were meant to be working on a ‘game plan of what to do about Joe’ (Cassie’s words not mine) but both of us were completely clueless.

“What if you just pretended you showed up to see him.” I suggested with a sigh, rubbing at my forehead in frustration.

“It’s not fair on you.” He shrugged, biting on his bottom lip, “You could talk to him, feel him out first?”

“I’d probably let something slip I’m not supposed to know and bam everything blown to hell.” So far this was all we’d done. Come up with ideas only to promptly shoot them down, “We could just tell him and hope he doesn’t freak out?”

Gabriel snorted at that, “Hi Joe I missed you terribly. And by the way know how I said I had no idea where Gabriel was? I lied. He’s been sleeping in my room the entire time. That would go down swimingly I’m sure.” Boy had a point.

“This is too hard.” I muttered, leaning my head against his shoulder, “Can’t we just pretend it never happened.”

“We could.” He wrapped an arm sympathetically around my shoulder, “But could you live with the guilt? And pressure of not accidentally letting something slip.”

“Probably not.” I muttered, playing with my fingers, “It’d be easier. Make Thanksgiving easier.”

“Hey, stop that.” He chided gently, grabbing my hand in his to stop me picking at my nails, “The longer you wait the harder it is.”

“But it’s not my problem.” I pouted realizing I was being stupid and childish but I was so damn tired of this and to top it off I’d woken up in one of those terrible moods today. They were rare but I hated them and it was tough fighting through them on a good day.

“It’ll still be your problem whenever you tell him.” Gabe pointed out always the logical one, “Well our problem.”

“I’ll be older and wiser and better able to deal with it.” The argument sounded weak to my own ears. At this point I felt like I’d never be wise really.

Which is when we were interrupted by the door opening “Gray-ace.” Cloe called cheerfully, “You’re extremely hot brother is here.”

Which is basically when everything just went to complete and utter shit. 

Gabriel and I exchanged panicked looks realizing that well actually there was absolutely no where for him to hide in time.

Cloe took one look at me and Gabriel on the bed her eyes widening in realization, “Actually now’s not the best time.” She told someone just outside the door. Someone that was most probably obviously Joe. She made to close the door but Joe was quicker sticking his foot in the way,

“What on earth could be that bad?” He asked, clearly suspicious by her change in demeanour pushing the door open.

At the same time Gabriel and I registered how compromising being wrapped up together was, and wanting to give Joe to get no more reason to be angry beyond the obvious we sprang apart.

It was the wrong move, neither of us thinking that perhaps that would seem more conspicuous. We were basically admitting to Joe that we were doing something wrong (we weren’t. Besides the frequently mentioned lying)

Joe stood in the open doorway, staring at us in a mixture of shock, betrayal and anger. I could see Cloe, standing just behind his shoulder looking extremely apologetic. It wasn’t her fault really. Not at all.

There was this sort of silent three way staring competition for what felt like forever before Joe broke the silence. “Oh. Well then.” Was all he said, clearly fighting to keep his voice out of control.

“Joe.” I jumped up off the bed walking hesitantly towards him.

“Grace,” he basically spat at me, which made me flinch back because I’d never heard him speak to me like that before in my life, “Sorry to interrupt.” He sneered before pushing past Cloe.

“Joe.” I called running after him, whispering a quick sorry to Cloe, “Joe wait the hell up.” I chased him down the stairs, Gabriel not far behind me. “What are you doing?”

“What am I doing?” He asked, turning towards me in the hallway, “Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that?”

“Yes actually. You should.” I told him, stopping on the bottom step so that he wasn’t towering over me, “Then I could explain.”

“Explain what? That this whole time I was worried about Gabriel and where he’d run off to he was actually here hooking up with you?” He spat. Once again I recoiled from the guy that didn’t resemble my brother in the slightest. Gabriel placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder which was nice and grounding but served to further infuriate Joe.

“You think I’m sleeping with Gabriel?” I asked completely incredulous, “You really think so little of me that you’d ever consider that I slept with your boyfriend. Your gay boyfriend.” I reminded him because hello that was a little fault in his theory.

“He’s not gay he’s bisexual.” Joe yelled which okay was news to me. 

“Well fine.” I said a little flustered, raising my voice to match his, “Even if he is you really think that badly of both of us?”

“Well I didn’t. Until I caught the two of you.” He was screaming now, actually legitimately screaming. I was surprised the girls hadn’t come down to see what was going on. Or maybe they had.

“We were sitting on the bed talking.” I screamed back, patience fed up. This was mostly Joe’s fault in the first place he had no right to get mad. “I’m just still hung up on the fact you’d think I’d do that to you.” I admitted feeling like crying at everything right now. 

“I never thought you’d so blatantly lie to me either but clearly you did. “ His eyes flashed dangerously, and I took a step back instinctively, now on the same step Gabriel was standing on.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know what to do.” We were both just constantly screaming now, the first argument I could ever remember having with Joe, “You wouldn’t tell me anything and I didn’t know what was going on and no one told me anything and it wasn’t fair on me.” I said, tears spilling down my cheeks. I wasn’t even sure if they were angry or upset or what.

“It was unfair on you?” He asked incredulously, “What about me. I was worried sick about you,” His attention shifted to Gabriel, “And really you were hiding out here with my younger sister. What were you playing at.”

“I was trying to give you space.” Gabriel said quietly, the only one of us with a level voice.

“You were trying to turn my family to your side which clearly worked.” Joe screamed. I’d seen his temper before, when he butted heads with mum but this was another level. 

“I was not. In case you forgot Joe I don’t really have anyone to support me.” His voice was still mostly level though there was a bit of a tremor there.

“I didn’t want to lie to you Joe but I didn’t even know he was hiding from you until you called and I was put on the spot and it just kinda escalated.” I stepped towards him, pleading now, “I just didn’t know what to do.”

“You could have told me the truth.” He shook his head, stepping back away from me, “You’ve lied to me for a month and something is going on between you two and I can’t believe you.”

“You know what. It’s you I can’t believe.” I snapped, anger returning fiercely, “I can’t believe you’re being so stubborn and pig headed and you won’t even listen to me.”

“You have nothing to say that I want to hear.” He snapped, “In fact I don’t want to hear anything from you ever again.” He turned on his heel and left. The door banging behind him.

It was then that I crumpled to the floor unable to stop the sobs that wracked my body. I wasn’t sure when the other girls had arrived but next thing I know Clover was sitting next to me on the floor hugging me fiercely. Just letting me cry.

“Grace,” Ally asked softly once I was slightly less hysterical, “Are you alright?”

“Do I look like I’m alright? Did that sound like I was alright?” I snapped at her, immediately feeling guilty when she flinched away. Still I didn’t apologise. I was done apologising.

“Hey.” Clover slowly unwrapped her arms from around my shoulders and I leant back against the step for support. Except it wasn’t the step it was Gabriel’s leg.

“I’m sorry Grace.” He whispered to me.

“You should be.” I snapped at him, I was so angry. It was his fault I was in this mess, that I’d permanently destroyed my relationship with my favourite person on the planet. “This is all your fault anyway.” I told him before running up the stairs and shutting myself in the room.

Of course no one in the house could leave anything well enough alone so a couple of minutes later my door was opening again.

“Grace.” Clover said gently, “We know you’re not alright. We’re not going to ask.”

“We just wanted to know if you wanted some company.” Ally spoke up. Bless her soul, Ally who I’d just screamed at and who was the only one who knew how much I hated being alone.

“Or to talk.” Clover added, coming down to sit gently on the bed next to me.

“I hate fighting with Joe.” I admitted, voice muffled by my pillow, “I don’t know what to do when he’s angry at me.”

“Oh Grace.” Clover sighed, someone running their fingers through my hair, “He’s just angry. Talk to him once he’s calmed down.”

“You don’t know him though.” I wailed, curling up in as small a ball as I could manage, “Last time he was this mad he had a fight with mum and then a couple of weeks later was moving across the country to live with dad.” I sniffed, trying to fight back the awful sobs from returning, “He really means it.” I moaned, which was enough to set me off crying again.

“He really means it.”
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