It's officially the end of my first "week" of school. That's kind of a lie though, because our first day was Thursday...weird right?!

Anyway, I had to do a presentation in my Spanish class today. It's the honor level class, so I was kind of nervous, but I think it went well :)

So far, my favorite class is US History. The teacher's pretty cool, and a lot of my friends are in that class, so I don't feel like a loner, haha. 

The class that I'm kinda scared of for now is Physics. I've never been a "science person" and the fact that the class is somewhat integrated with math makes it scarier! Also English is a bit intimidating, because I decided to take the honor level...but it's one of my usually strong subjects, so I should be fine :)

But the final icing on the cake for me this year, as a junior, is that I get a prep! That means a get a free period, in which I don't have a class. Instead, I can just do homework in the library, or hang out with my friends! It's like a breath of fresh air in the middle of a hectic day.

Okay, that's my little school rant :) Hope you enjoyed it if you read it!

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