shein collab 10 ♡ set 10 of 10

-- oh my heart / night riots


here's the tenth set. finally. set ten of ten of the tenth collab which means i've made 100 shein sets yikes. i made this at the beginning of the tenth collab and i'm posting it last because i don't make sense in general. i think i wanted to save it for last or something

edit: inspired by myself ha ha the original was much better though :)

i just found out the fratellis brought out an album last month. wow, i'm so out of the zone. who even am i? *doesn't follow any favourite bands* *complains about missing the release* i wanna put my faves in my bio but my bio is basically full?? it barely has anything in it ugh and i've had such a lame intro for ages lol. "i just really need to stop changing my bio" which is funny because i actually haven't changed it in a while. but my definition of "a while" is probably different to everyone else's

bambi style throwback i remember that song. i think it was in forza horizon and i was like wow this is nice. why do video games have really good soundtracks? that's what i wanna do when i get older. be the person in charge of music for indie movies and video games lol. anyway... in the description i'm like "i have like twenty unread messages" oh wow thanks for the info. i never have twenty unreads these days lol, i can't stand leaving them unread

i hacked someone once and they had like 300+ unread messages............

oops just exposed myself ( ºΔº )
i wasn't snooping in their messages btw lol

ohhh also, you probably won't catch on to this but in the spotify ad that says "listen anywhere without a connection" the guy's laugh at the start of the ad sounds just like niall's laugh. fun fact!

another interesting fact that i meant to add to my description the other day but it was in my notes so i forgot. which means it's invalid anyway but i'm going to put it in here anyway to fill some space

"interesting fact: today is the one year anniversary of me filling out the 'doctor who tag' for the first time in the notes on my phone. it has been 365 days since i first did it and i have attempted to redo it two or more times, but i never got it finished. i probably never will. so there's that :)"

*leaves out the part where i tell everyone to take a chill pill because i'm annoyed about something* but seriously though you would think the doctor who tag would be up my alley but every time i try to fill it out, it's so hard. like favourite doctor?? favourite companion? favourite season? favourite MOMENT?! leave

by the way, if you've entered my contest, don't forget to go back and fill out the form! and if you're looking for another contest to join, go join my friend na'eema's @/feels-like-this-could-be-forever / @/brdfrdzen it would mean a lot to her :) @/midnight-glow is having a contest that you might want to enter as well!

ok bye!

comment "100 sets" if you read all of this

- jemma

10.5.16 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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