my life ♥.

i just made this to make me feel better .
~ no hate.
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Wrote one year ago
omg you are so CUTE!! :) I wish i had that adorbale facee♥

Wrote one year ago
You are gorgeous. Stop saying you're not.
107 lbs? That's skinny.
Boys? We're young. How old are you? 15 or 14? We still have so much time in our life to find that special someone. Just because you don't have a boyfriend, or your crush doesn't like you back does not mean you're ugly.
You are perfect the way you are so stop telling yourself you aren't.

Wrote one year ago
Nomie, you're so beautiful ♥
You truly are ♥ You're one of the prettiest and beautiful-est and funniest and most perfect people I've seen.
I know I don't know you at all but seriously, I would love to.
I understand a lot of what's going through your mind, I'm completely similar to you,
but you're just... So beautiful. ♥
I can barely put it into words, and even then it's terrible words that don't even explain it.
Just remember this all Nomie ♥

Wrote one year ago
your like my soul sister ! <3

Wrote one year ago
1) You're gorgeous
2) This might not make sense, but the day you realize being pretty isn't important is the day you can learn to love yourself and find yourself beautiful. There's seriously so many more important traits than being just "pretty" - you're so much more than that! You said yourself in this collection you're funny, bubbly, and you know how to make people smile. That's what draws people in and what makes you pretty.

Wrote one year ago
Haha this is awesome! I feel like we have a lot in common.
I write on wattpad and miss literati. There both awesome. And u can also read other ppls for inspiration.
You're so pretty. OMG. I am so freaking jealous.
I love your sets and everything! You are amazing.......♥





xx Holly ♥

Wrote one year ago
lawl really ? c:
& thank you c:
i used to have a quizazz c:


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