my life ♥.

i just made this to make me feel better .
~ no hate.
  • Tumblr -- Nitα♥'ƨƳoʋ
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    "so, this is a collection all about me & my life goals, it's not the best, but hey it's my life ." — @nomieissoepic
  • (35) Tumblr
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    "Hi, I'm Nomie & this is me. I'm not pretty or anything. But I have dreams." — @nomieissoepic
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    "I'm a very insecure and emotional person, maybe it's my zodiac sign, or maybe it's just me. I tend to cry a lot, saying I'm ugly and I'll be anyone when my parents yell at me or I'm just having a rough day." — @nomieissoepic
  • dawson's creek
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    "I dream of California. Literally I do. I have been wanting to live there since I was 5. It really is my home, even though I like 1, OOO miles away from it. I'm just a teenager that is just a copy. I really want to live there." — @nomieissoepic
    brianna; sixteen; i love christmas, maine, romantic movies and you.
  • boy, girl, love, skate - inspiring picture on
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    "I never had a boyfriend, I'm convinced that I'm too ugly. I guess I'll have to wait for high school and hope I'll meet that guy & love him forever." — @nomieissoepic
  • Shoes make me happy. I'm superficial. Whatever.
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    "Jesus is our savior. ♥.
    I believe that we will go to Heaven and live in peace and harmony and be on God's good humor forever and stand by him and wander the universe." — @nomieissoepic
    Born and raised in Miami, Yenetsa, Aspiring Model, 15, Sophomore, I'm the charming type, girly and I love glamour. I love pink, sparkles and bows. I'm a hopeless romantic that imagines the world like...
  • oh hey
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    "I love to take pictures and just capture the memories as life comes at me." — @nomieissoepic
    We don't know what to put here really. Rebecca and Chanade run this blog(:
  • So you think you know Leonardo DiCaprio
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    "I live my life as Jack would, to make each day count. Titanic is my favorite movie of all time, and it just really made me realize that life is a beautiful gift." — @nomieissoepic
    Well i am so obsessed with him and know everything about him but do you!
  • heaven's in your eyes
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    "A lot of people don't know, I actually love writing. I haven't written much on polyvore only through tips, I wish someone who be interested in my writing." — @nomieissoepic
    Female, 23 years old. make up artist & part-time stylist. done some modeling in the past. married to...
  • DIY Ideas
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    "I also love to make crafts and diys, in the spring and summer at least, since it's too cold to go outside and get inspiration." — @nomieissoepic
    Himmeli out of straws
  • Beach Sign Life is Better Nautical and Nursery Home Decor
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    "I love to swim in the ocean. I love going to the beach and collecting shells, swimming by the sandbar, and getting knocked over by the waves every summer." — @nomieissoepic
    This bold subway style sign with its rich color makes it the perfect accessory to your coastal themed home and will make a great gift for a friend
  • carolinepham.
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    "I love to stargaze, it's a passion, I love to sit outside and look at the stars with my dad ♥." — @nomieissoepic
  • Indulge
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    "I love Italian Food especially if it's from Carmine's in NYC." — @nomieissoepic
    I love food! I decided to share my love through Tumblr :)(:. Hope you enjoy looking though these photos as much as I!
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    "Some days, I get really depressed. I'm a really bubbly person and loud, but when I'm depressed, I am depressed." — @nomieissoepic
  • Tumblr
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    "I love anything girly , it gives me a warm feeling inside." — @nomieissoepic
  • takechances-dream: so these are my eyeballs
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    "I have blueish greenish eyes & blondish - brown hair ." — @nomieissoepic
    takechances-dream: “ so these are my eyeballs ”
  • paradise ☯
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    "I simply love animals and love going to the zoo, I know it's corny but it brings so many memories back." — @nomieissoepic
  • Crackships Manips Pics Gifs Stuff
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    "I want to be an actress, model, and singer. Mostly an actress though, I feel like I was made for show business, I'm loud, funny, and just know how to make people smile, it's the life for me." — @nomieissoepic
    I'm gonna post/reblog pictures of my favorite celebs. Also gifs & pictures of crackships and manips....
  • proverbs 31:25
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    "I would love to open a fashion shop and design studio in Soho or San Francisco." — @nomieissoepic
    sarah. 17. usa.
  • 我恨你走開
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    "Leonardo DiCaprio is my star crossed lover & I wish to be like him when I get older" — @nomieissoepic
  • oh hey
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    "I wish I was a good author like Suzanne Collins and take people into another world when I write ." — @nomieissoepic
    We don't know what to put here really. Rebecca and Chanade run this blog(:
  • Tumblr
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    "I want hip bones and collarbones to rock stuff like this on the boardwalk this summer ♥." — @nomieissoepic
  • credit to @nomieissoepic , or i will flag!
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    "I live for fashion, I love it so much ." — @nomieissoepic
  • credit to @nomieissoepic , or i will flag!
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    "I want to eat better, & just cleanse my body this summer and feel good about myself. I only weight like 107 pounds, but still I want to be healthy." — @nomieissoepic
    . Sarah . 15 . Dreamer .
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    "I want to try new foods & just build on my food likings." — @nomieissoepic
  • beautiful, clothes, cool
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    "I want to get sponsored by a company and be an intern this summer." — @nomieissoepic
    Inspiring image -, beautiful, clothes, cool #621344 - Resolution 500x412px - Find the image to your taste
  • Serendipity
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    "& that's the story of me." — @nomieissoepic


Wrote three years ago
omg you are so CUTE!! :) I wish i had that adorbale facee♥

Wrote three years ago
You are gorgeous. Stop saying you're not.
107 lbs? That's skinny.
Boys? We're young. How old are you? 15 or 14? We still have so much time in our life to find that special someone. Just because you don't have a boyfriend, or your crush doesn't like you back does not mean you're ugly.
You are perfect the way you are so stop telling yourself you aren't.

Wrote three years ago
Nomie, you're so beautiful ♥
You truly are ♥ You're one of the prettiest and beautiful-est and funniest and most perfect people I've seen.
I know I don't know you at all but seriously, I would love to.
I understand a lot of what's going through your mind, I'm completely similar to you,
but you're just... So beautiful. ♥
I can barely put it into words, and even then it's terrible words that don't even explain it.
Just remember this all Nomie ♥

Wrote three years ago
your like my soul sister ! <3

Wrote three years ago
1) You're gorgeous
2) This might not make sense, but the day you realize being pretty isn't important is the day you can learn to love yourself and find yourself beautiful. There's seriously so many more important traits than being just "pretty" - you're so much more than that! You said yourself in this collection you're funny, bubbly, and you know how to make people smile. That's what draws people in and what makes you pretty.

Wrote three years ago
Haha this is awesome! I feel like we have a lot in common.
I write on wattpad and miss literati. There both awesome. And u can also read other ppls for inspiration.
You're so pretty. OMG. I am so freaking jealous.
I love your sets and everything! You are amazing.......♥





xx Holly ♥

Wrote three years ago
yeshh! c:
no problem lovely!
awh the good ole' quizazz' cx

Wrote three years ago
lawl really ? c:
& thank you c:
i used to have a quizazz c:

Wrote three years ago
you're so pretty!
if you ever need someone to talk to, pm me!
i write on a site called 'quotev'; i would love to read a story you write!
stay strong sweetie c:


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