my life in facts.

soo i used to hate my life, like seriously. but its gotten better since ive made new friends & me and emily started going places and being fucking bad asses. and now we're in a boring phase again cause we get caught all the time now. once we got caught the first time its been downhillllll from that, we snuck out like 30 times before we ever got caught though. even spent the night somewhere when out parents thought we were someplace else. it was the best thing ever. i miss it so much!
but yeahh so its gotten way better & we'll be done with high school very soon! which is kinda scary cause i have NO idea what im gonna do. but whatever. im just ready to get out of that school.

-i'll be continuously adding stuff to this. which im sure no one will even take the time to read about my boring life. buuuut whatever.
-UPDATE my life has gotten better yalllllll! met some new people, got new friends, started doing stuff! and not staying at home all the time. ive been in more trouble this year than i EVER have in my entire life but its been so much fun & totally worth it :)
-UPDATE: its not worth it anymore. we get caught every single time now. and the punishments are only getting worse. it sucks! but we're still rebels.. hehehehe :)
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