Okay so I decided I'd write about what I'm going through. Tell me what you think , Give me advice? Ask me question if you are going through the same thing
 Dear Diary, 
 I can't get him out of my mind. 
 He's green eyes are perfect. Hes yellow hair 
 makes his eyes shine more .
 We kissed again today, and I think he's going to
 ask me out soon.If he doesn't I will. Alejandro 
 doesn't like him though.
 Alejandro, even though he's my best friend ,I don't
 think I'll listen to him.
 He's not to well either on getting a boyfriend.
 Well, Nighty Night 

(That morning)
I stared at my empty room. It was too dark to see anything. It was about 4 in the morning, I was about to go insane again..... My head spinned.
I got down from my bed sat on the floor and scanned for my lighter in one of my many bags. I found my lighter with a endless path on it. I felt the metal on the tip. I flicked it on to find my hair clip. I found it, and I sat in the quiet for several minutes. 

Deciding if I was going to do it or not.... 
I flicked my lighter then blew it out. I rolled up my pjs pants leg, and walked my fingers across the different sized burns on my leg, looking for a fresh spot. 
I set my fingers on the clear piece of skin, and took a deep breathe in and out. I flicked the lighter on held the hair clip an inch or two above it. I blew out the lighter and set it on the ground and pushed the hair clip into m skin, the heat made my leg numb. I laid on the ground in pain....

My phone buzzed in my bra, where I put it when I fell asleep. 
"I love you." 
Doran sent me a text......

He was my 1st love and I missed him. I hadn't seen him since August 19th. 
"Don't cry, or cut. I'll see you has soon as I can." 
He sent a new text... 
I looked down at my leg.. 
Thinking it's to late. 
A tear fell from my cheek, as I laid on the ground and I fell a sleep.

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