Recently I spoke with my younger cousin who I rarely see.
I do not know why, but we got to talking about being afraid of the dark.
She told me that it was I who cured her fear of darkness.
I asked her surprised how, and while she talked, I remembered ...
When I was a little girl I was afraid of the dark, VERY afraid.
One night I was staying with my grandmother, she said reassuringly
before she turned off the lights ... close your eyes and do not open them
before I tell you to. 
I did as she said, and when I hesitantly opened my eyes, it was magical happened
.... the room was not pitch black but only dimly.
Later when I got older and looked after my younger cousin who was afraid of the dark,
I gave her the same instructions.
That´s how, my grandmother became mine and later my cousin's beacon in the darkness.
Just as I'm sure she'll will be for many small boys and girls for generations ahead.
That way, my beloved and missed grandmother will live on forever as a light in the darkness.
 Thank you grandmother Rosa I love you
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