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Vol. 8 In the Disney Collections
*Unsatisfied with the immense amount of Disney princess inspired collections, I finally have decided to embark on my own. All will be Disney based, and after the first 11 official princesses I plan on doing more characters. Inspiration was drawn from the style of the film, and the personality of the character, rather than the exact looks of her outfits or even exact color.
Hey, it's been a while. A month or so.
I worked on Mulan on and off for a while. I do love the movie. It's a very quote-able movie with ear wormy music.
But I don't love people who like to tell me that Mulan is the only cool Disney 'princess' because she doesn't sit around crying and puts on man clothes and fights like a man and grrrr feminism! Except, that's like totally misogynistic in itself [and anyway, Mulan DOES cry. In the rain in fact.] and annoying. Mulan isn't better than the less determined princesses just because she goes off fighting in the war pretending to be male.
You know what my favorite part of the movie is? The very end, when she returns home, and presents her sword and medal and yadda yadda to her grieving dad all formally and he's just like f*ck that, child, I love you cus you'e my f*cking daughter no matter what [ok, he says it better, you get the gist.]. It makes me cry every time.
So I wanted to represent Mulan's contemporary wardrobe in a way that never went too androgynous. I wanted to use bold, graphic, interesting designer pieces that marked different stages of femininity in the movie while never not feeling powerful. I threw in some nods to Chinese [or at least Asian] influence, but I kept away from Kimonos and fans.
And I'm really satisfied, so.


Wrote two years ago
wow, amazing collection...!!! *.*

Wrote three years ago
Thanks so much, y'all.

Wrote three years ago
actually perfect

Wrote three years ago
Mulan is my favourite Disney "princess"!! :) :)

Wrote three years ago
You'll bring honour to us all with this collection! Just exquisite!

Wrote three years ago
love this

Wrote three years ago
oh yes.

Wrote three years ago
good job!

Wrote three years ago
so nice

Wrote three years ago
OMGeeeee im so in love with ur collection! ! I love how u made Mulan so fashionesta


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