I began to start becoming more conscious. There were voices around me, all sounding hurried, urgent, and persistent. I'm laid on something plush. 
My eyes slowly began to open. My sight very sensitive to the bright lighting in the room I'm in and blurry, but the blur gradually decreases as I become more accustom to my surroundings. 
The voices all still continuing to speak. "Who is she? You know we can't just have random girls let up into our room!" A British male voice sounded.
"Well what did you expect me to do Liam? Leave her there to get beaten quite violently may I add!" The Irish voice that I seemed to remember that practically saved me earlier shot back.
I began to rise into a sitting position onto what I now noticed as a couch I was placed on. "Ouch." I groaned in pain, placing my right hand onto my forehead due to a throbbing pain inside of my head. 
The bickering of the British and Irish voices abruptly stopped as they heard me rise from my unconscious state. 
"Thank goodness you're awake. I was worried that girl gave you some pretty bad damage for a second. I don't think she liked you very much." A blonde with the Irish accent I recognized chuckled as he made his way over to me. 
"Right miss blonde Barbie with seemingly bad anger issues from outside. Yeah, I have the same feeling." I told him as he seated himself in front of me.
"Why did she start going all attack on you in the first place?" He asked as he inspected my pretty hurt face.
"She said something about her waiting all day to "get to the front" whatever that means, and that I needed to back off. I yelled back at her and she didn't like it very much. I was just simply trying to get to the cvs." I answered remembering the whole scenario.
The four guys that had seemed to gather a few moments ago in front of me chuckled.
"Those girls always seemed to be a little feisty." The curly haired one laughed.
"I'm sorry but who are those girls and why are they gathered in front of this hotel?" I asked them, still confused as to why they were basically camped out there.
They all shared a look of confusion with each other as if I had just asked them the stupidest question and that I should already know this answer. Which I clearly do not.
"I'm sorry babe, do you know who we are?" The tall brunette one asked.
What does he mean do I know who they are? I mean I did just meet them. "I don't believe so. Should I know who you all are?" I asked looking around to each of them and then landing on the blonde seated in front of me.
"We're one direction. Teenage girl, worldwide boy and sensation." The other brunette with his hair tucked into a navy beanie stated as if it were the obvious.
I wracked my brain of what that name meant to me. It sounded familiar, like I've heard it before... "Oh! You guys are the "What makes you beautiful" guys. I'm not too familiar with your band is all." I told them.
"That would be us." A guy with dark hair that was pulled up into some sort of quiff said.
"I'm still unsure of your names though." I told them.
"I'm Niall, that's Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn." The blonde who I now knew as Niall informed pointing to each of them. "And what would be your name?" He continued.
"Oh I'm Chloe. And thank you very much Niall for basically saving me. I probably would have gotten killed by those 13 year olds outside.." I clarified.
"Really was no problem love. Wouldn't want someone with a gorgeous face like yours to be beaten." He smirked as he now made me blush.
The throbbing now became more apparent in my head making me wince in pain. "Do you mind getting me some ice and some sort of painkiller? I feel like I've just been hit with a hammer about a thousand times." I asked to basically anyone willing to do the task. 
"Oh absolutely. I'll be right back." Niall said leaving the room in search of my request.
"Well lads it looks like Niall's gotten himself a little crush." Harry announced to his band mates left in the room.
"Guys he doesn't have a crush in me. For goodness sake we've only just met, and it wasn't necessarily on the best terms in my case." I told them, not being able to believe that statement.
"Oh no trust us, he fancies you. Niall isn't one to go about flirting with girls such as he just did. He may not know much about you but we can tell our mate has a crush on you. We've only seen him look at a girl or flirt with her on very very few occasions." Liam stated.
How could he have a crush on me? It's impossible! We've only just met! He is quite attractive though. His eyes have got to be the most perfect shade of blue. 
"Chloe I've gotten you some ice and two aspirin." Niall announced as he made his way back into the hotel room with a bottle of water, two white pills, and a plastic bag of ice in hand.
He handed me the items. I downed both pills and placed the bag of ice to my forehead. "Where the bathroom?" I asked wanting to seem my damage. 
"Down the hall to the right." Louis said pointing down the hall.
I nodded in thanks and carefully got up off the couch a little shaky but was helped by Niall to steady myself. I made my way down the hall and into the restroom, closing and locking the door behind me. I placed the bag of ice onto the marble counter along with my purse. 
I inspected my bruised face. Not too bad but it's definitely bruised pretty good. A black eye forming on my left eye. Wow that girl had a good punch. I thought as I lightly dragged my finger tips over the bruised eye, wincing a bit due to how delicate the freshly placed contusion was. 
I removed my phone from my bag in search of the current time. 11:34 it read. Wow it's later than I thought.
I exited the bathroom and re entered the living room. The boys all quickly hushed, most likely not wanting me to hear the conversation. Niall's cheeks seemed flushed a rosy color. "It's really late and I need to get going. Thank you all for every thing." I notified them.
"Here let me get you home safely. Wouldn't want the same thing to happen twice." Niall advised making his way over to me.
I waved a goodbye to the other four and they mirrored the same action. 
Niall and I made our way down to the lobby of this surely costly hotel. We traipsed over to a buff man dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans. 
"I need a car to escort Chloe back home Paul." He stated to who I now assumed was one of the guys body guards.
"Certainly. Let me just make a phone call. The car should be here within five minutes" he informed making his way to another spot of the lobby to make the phone call.
"Thank you for everything again Niall it means a lot." I re-thanked him.
"Oh seriously it was no problem. I really didn't want you to be crushed by those girls out there. But I do have one question for you, if you wouldn't mind." He admitted.
"Shoot." I told him wanting him to ask his question.
"Well I know that we've only just met but I was hoping that you might want to go out with me sometime?" He questioned nervously.
"I'd love to." I responded.
"Great so how about we go get lunch tomorrow, around 1?"
"Sounds perfect, here let me give you my number." I said.
He handed me his phone and I entered my contact and sent myself a message so I'd have his number. "Your car is here miss." Paul announced. 
"I'll see you tomorrow Niall." I told him, returning his phone into his possession and continued out to the car with the help of Paul so I wouldn't get mauled again.
Niall and I found ourselves in a small pizzeria in the city. Enjoying each others company and telling stories and giving information about ourselves. 
It was really nice. Niall seems to be a really good guy. A genuine, kind, funny, care free guy. Even though he is such a highly famous and known celebrity, he's just like any normal guy. Most people with the kind of money and fame he has would be pretty selfish and stuck up and thinking there too good for everyone, but not Niall. And I found that endearing.
I looked down to my watch checking the time. 3:00. Shoot I'm going to be late.
"Is there something wrong?" Niall worried.
"Umm I've got to get going I have an appearance sort of." I told him.
"What kind of appearance?" He questioned. 
"Why don't you come along! It would be a lot of fun and ill explain on the way?" I offered.
"Sure, I don't see why not." He observed. 
I retrieved my wallet from my bag about to pay for my part of the meal but Niall stopped me. "Absolutely not. I will pay." He asserted.
"No no Niall it's fine I can pay for my own." I assured him.
"No, I'm paying no argument." He told me, removing his wallet from his jean pocket. 
Me and Niall sang in perfect tune for the audience of children in front of us. The kids seemed to be ten times more excited due to Niall's appearance. 
Niall seemed to be enjoying himself. I was really happy he was joining me. Performing alone gets a tad boring after a bit of time. 
When our performance of quite a few more songs than expected was over we made our way back to my apartment. My friend Kate was on vacation at the moment with her longtime boyfriend Caleb so it was just Niall and I. 
"I think it's pretty amazing that you sing for those children." He told me in awe as if it was the most amazing thing he had heard.
"I enjoy doing it. Those children and their families go through so much. They deserve at least an hour of a distraction from the torture." I explained.
"If I may ask, why did you start? There must be some sort of explanation." He asked.
I took a heavy breath and looked down at my hands. I looked back up at him and started explaining the whole thing. About my younger sister Gracie and what my family and Gracie went through.
Gracie had a very rare form of cancer. It was incurable and once she was diagnosed she only had 3 months at most to live. Once she was diagnosed our family went through a lot of long days and long nights, especially towards the end of the 3 months. Trying to sty strong for her. 
When I was done ranting to him I had a few stray tears sliding own my cheeks which he wiped way once they exposed themselves. "I'm so sorry Chloe. It's amazing how strong you are." He said delicately placing his hand I top of mine.
The simplest of actions meant so much. Just him simply holding my hand moved me so much.
And that was the day our whole relationship progressed.


Thank you all for reading! And leave feedback please! I would really like to know what you all think of the story!

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two comments

Wrote three years ago
@pandadancer thank you! I'm still deliberating i how I want to carry this story after the last chapter. I have high expectations for it as well!

Wrote three years ago
Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!! No pressure or anything but ur first two chapters were so great tht I have high expectations for chapter 3
(I really love this story and I don't say tht to everyone, great job)

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