Deirdre Finnigan
Age: 16
Year: 6
House: Gryffindor
Parents: Seamus Finnigan & Katie Bell
Bio: Tall, dark, and cool Deirdre is the epitome of both sexy and bad ass. She is naturally desirable with a charming wit and that gorgeous Irish accent. However if you cross her Deirdre won’t be afraid to send a well deserved curse your way. Deirdre has also proven her-self one of the most accomplished Quidditch beaters in the history of Hogwarts and is already being scouted by international teams. However she takes it all in stride, and does not take anything too seriously…well unless it involves a handsome boy, and brawl, and a good time.
Model: Daga Ziober
Played by: OPEN

✵ Open-ended Bio Questions
The Quidditch position question is optional, and skills refer to class subjects and magical abilities
For Wand include: material, length, core, and flexibility
° Wand: 13 + 3/4 inches, Pine and Phoenix Feather, Unyielding
° Broom: Firebolt
° Boggart: Herself
° Patronus: Stag
° Skills: Quidditch, Defense Against the Dark Arts,
° Quidditch Position(s): Beater
✵ Out of Character Questions
°why did you choose this character?

When I heard about this group, I was all like, "I want to be a Potter," and I was so tempted to do that, but when I read bios, it wasn't one of the Potters that appealed to me. It wasn't even anyone who's related to them. It was just someone else. And that's how I know that I chose Deirdre because I love her character. I did not choose her from any prior knowledge of her parents' awesomeness. I chose her because the way she saunters across the Quidditch pitch with a smirk on her face just came to life in my mind.

°can you honestly be active?


°why should we choose you for this character?

Because I like Deirdre? I can't give any reason to pick me over anyone else really, so yeah. Because I like her. And she is awesome. And yep. This is so sad. It's fineeeee. I took a bunch of personality quizzes as Deirdre. Is that a thing? <- Collection

Top Five:
1. Deirdre
2. Lily
Ugh, I'm not going to be a jerk and do this, so I guess I can put more, but I strongly prefer my first two choices over all others, and I can't guarantee that I would be as active for anyone other than those two. But anyways.
3, 4, 5. Imogen, Acantha, Prasheila.


Deirdre brushed her hair back from her face and peered into the mirror. Her hair was pulled up in a wispy bun, tied back with one of her infallible hairbands, the kind she cherished and used only for Quidditch games. Even as a sixth year, she was already quickly moving up the ranks, and she was already getting scouted. Maybe. It felt good to be good, but h-ell, it was d-amn scary sometimes.

Finally, Deirdre turned around and pulled her eyes away from her reflection, pulling on her boots. Then, with a deep breath, she followed the rest of her team onto the Quidditch pitch.

The cheering was overwhelming, and it exploded in her ears like fireworks of sound. She heard her friends yelling her name, and other people jeering at her. It was a Slytherin-Gryffindor match - one of the more prevalent rivalries at Hogwarts - and Slytherin already seemed like they were playing dirty, hurling the closest things to profanities that they could manage without getting in trouble.

Deirdre held her head up high and strode onto the field, one arm raised, lips curled up into a smirk. Then, she blew a kiss to the Slytherins, who jeered at her. "Thanks for all the attention!" she yelled at them, giving a saccharine smile. "I hope you'll still pay this much attention to me when I crush your team."

Madame Hooch stepped forward to intervene at that, but Deirdre held her hands up to show that the threat hadn't been serious.

Then, she turned to the Gryffindor side and gave a hearty yell. 

This was war, and they were going to win.
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