Hello guys! How long I do not speak here (I think) is that I always talk so silly, sometimes it's better not to talk, but I have to share my bout with someone, srsly! Today I downloaded the soundtrack of Eclipse, and I have not heard all the songs, but our I really am in love with this song, I swear I cried listening to her, she is too perfect, I swear I'm freaking out that I have Watch this movie urgently. I need Eclipse! I know I'm sounding like those fanatical fans crazy, maybe I am! I'm still trying to sort! Hey lili, if you read this! I miss you on twitter, here we were talking more often. The natalia stopped liking my sets, this is one thing I noticed, perhaps because I only know how to put things in twilight here! is that I'm out of time for other things at the moment, I'm so "Eclipse" now ¬ ¬ 'I know this is stupid! good .. I started learning to drive, but I started using illegally ahaha 'My grandfather taught me this, this is so funny, you had to do, my holidays are nearly starting / o /' but to be honest I do not know if I'm really excited Will not have anything to do): finally. is it! even more personal.

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Wrote 6 years ago
Can't wait!!!

Wrote 6 years ago
This is beautiful! great work!! May i ask what you use to edit your pictures?

Wrote 6 years ago
This is so cute - LOVE the edit.
We'll I haven't heard really any of the Eclipse songs, besides Neutron Star Collision, but thats it. I listened to some of the artists , and they all sound the same. But I love this song :D

Wrote 6 years ago
:o awesome.



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