Emergency,On PV we have some EXO and KPOP's fans so i determined to share this pls read and used your brain/google/do research i'm not guild you to believed this.

Starting since last week a rumored about Kim Yeoshin,Idol killer spreading around Korea and last 2 days ago becoming hectic on cyber space
listen to this story first for who don't know what's going on here.

Kim Yeoshin is a Phycho ,she is a real person no joke!! who ever did many things to harming K-Idol such as 2006 adding glue to Yunho's food well you guys might know this news kinda once big in Kpop.

Recently during B.A.P promote warrior, she adding benzene to Himchan and here proof,look at Himchan face he look like he wanna die.
more than my example you can google it.

The big problem is ppl said Sehun is her new target ,maybe isn't just Sehun ,can be another EXO's member or idol from another band even youre not EXO's fan you should spread this to your fandom about what's Kim Yeoshin might be doing harmful to our idol.

This is totally crazy guys i can't believed it this insane women can exist in the social
lets take a look and remember her face

I found another source from search engine korea saying she is a North Korean
well i'm not jumping from rumored or just some fans said,believe it or not used your brain to judge.

My questioning and curious is, where is Korean Police why they didn't do anything to control this phycho in hospital under doctor or under the gov care.
and why South Korea lets North Korean ppl esp she had mental problem coming to country to harming their citizen this such a nonsense thing when police lets this happened so often.

What we can do ,if you have twitter acc pls trending or tweet tag to official SMEnt or tweet to SM chor like Greg Hwang or Shim Jaewon or who else you know that working for SM with Don't drink anything strange Sehun,Don't eat anything strange EXO or SM keep watching EXO from Kim Yeoshin.
lets SM know is the best way we can help EXO.
you guys know it right upcoming special season will have variety to gathering many band together EXO fans said she might taking that chance coming to harm her target.

Another insane thing came out such a right timing 
a Kpop fortuneteller predict in 2014 a big name K-Idol will die
surely i'm not believed about this thing BUT this person her predicted ever come true.
look back to 2005 Lee Eunjoo famous hallyu star at that time die young at the age 24 and famous actor like Park Yong Ha also died in 2010
i can't skip this thing..
Some fans saying it's joke or fake on nate don't believed it BELIEVED me we can't skip this thing once ever success why she'll not trying it again.
My love will protect you original title will using with Kai's set but come out Sehun again..i'll use for Kai set as well.
i'm not plan to made Sehun's set today but need to tell this so badly.
look at his face why someone trying to ruin this cutie pie ?
don't worried noona here....
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