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- Grade 8 // Ed Sheeran

Carrie Peterson (20)
Hometown: Wellington, New Zeland
Previous jobs: Intern at her dads printing company
Bio: Carrie was born and raised in New Zeland, groomed her whole life to take over her dads small printing company. When Carrie was scouted while attending Melbourne fashion week with her best friend that plan flew out the window. She relocated first to Melbourne, and later New York as her profile grew bigger and now here she is, working for one of the biggest fashion companies in the world. Carrie is cheeky and charming, a bit of a practical joker always up for a laugh and a bit of mischief. She’s always cheerful and pleasant to everyone and doesn’t really hold grudges. Don’t think that means you can walk all over her, Carrie defiantly has her eye on the prize. 
Model: Constance Jablonski
Collection: Under Construction

Hey there guys I'm Carrie, I probably know a lot of you but feel free to say hi again and lemme know if you wanna do something, I'm always up for some fun :)
x Carrie

{Comment for relationships?}

Also I will make the collection and read everyone else's intros tomorrow I just had an exam today and another one tomorrow I gotta cram for x
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