Available: Thinking about it
Birthday: 8-20
Crush: -I-
Drink You Last Had: Water
Easiest Person to talk to: My best friend
Favorite Song: The Girl from Ipanema
Gummy Bear or Gummy Worms: BOTH.
Hometown: ...really...
In Love: -I-
Killed Someone: In Crysis last night
Longest Car ride: 18 hours to grandmas
Milkshake Flavor: Like hell I'd drink one of those
Number of Siblings: 2
One Wish: That I could be God for a day ( I could get so much done )
Person you called last: Friend of mine
Song You Last Sang: Long Black Train
Time you woke up: 11 something
Underwear Color: Gray, but I actually had to check because I had no clue.
Temperature oustide: Just a sec, let me check... ( Checking...comes back) 59
What radio station do you listen to: G5 mp3, like I would even touch a radio
Last thing you bought: The Crysis bundle, twas 8:95
Last thing you watched on tv: DVD's count so it was V for Vendetta
Last person you took a picture of: No clue
Ever cried your heart out: Once or twice
Ever cried on your friends shoulder: NO
EVer cried to sleep: Once or twice
Ever cried over the opposite gender: You have to be involved for that, so no
Do songs make you cry: No
Are you a happy person: ...-_-...
Hair color: Brown


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