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"I'm so happy to be back in Rio, Ina, have you seen the new Bikini collection of Missoni?" Vanne asked browsing through the pages of a new Vogue Brazil we picked up in the airport. 

"Not really, are they any good? The last collection disappointed me a little." I said, not looking up from my ipad. 

"Nothing impressive, but it's cute." She said and dozed off again. 

"Babe, we are here." I said waking Vanne up. 

"This hotel is beautiful but I'm sad we can't stay at the mansion." She said and I looked at her and smiled.

"Yes! Me too... but its really nice here." I said smiling as we walked into the foyer. 

We walked through the white foyer, everything was crystal and golden in contrast of everything outside that was a rich variety of green and orange and every color you could imagine. We got our keys and headed to the penthouse. It was two floors and had seven rooms each of them richly decorated. 

"Do you want the master?" I asked politely. 

"No it's ok, you can take it. I like the one with the city view." Vanne said and smiled. 

I nodded, "We should talk about that agent guy, what's up with him?" I asked stepping into the kitchen where a cold champagne bottle was waiting for us with two crystal flutes.

"I don't know, i really don't think he is a government agent, but i also don't think he is that dangerous after all, I've been doing some research and The Freedmans are broke, they owe everyone, that's why Charles wants to marry me so badly." Vanne breezed through it and I felt angry. Gosh, so angry. 

"Geez, that's so sleazy!" I say as I sip the icy champagne in the crystal flutes. "And I'm really really worried about that agent guy!" I say as I put my hand on my forehead. 

"Don't worry, honey. We'll figure out why was he there but now, lets enjoy this fine bubbly and this royal penthouse and try to forget all these worries." 

I nod and relax my frown into a smile, "Either way, I talked to my dad and told him everything about that man, we'll see what he will come up with." 

"No business talk please." Vanne warns me with a smile as she takes her flute and leads me out on the huge terrace with marvelous view. 

"Oh, this is just breathtaking!" I say as I sip champagne and relax next to Vanne in a huge chair. 

"Since we are talking breathtaking, what was that with that guy, Vanja?" Vanne looks at me with her all-knowing look. 

"Hmmm, well, I lost my virginity to him." I bite my lip as I smile and Vanne claps her hands as she excitedly giggles, "We went to school together and our parents vacationed together sometimes and we were always friends but then one weekend we were with some of our other class friends in Vanja's lake house and we drank a bottle of whiskey and we got together. It was like 7 years ago." I say as I take another sip and lower my Chanel sunglasses from the top of my head to my eyes. 

"Did you hook up again?" 

"Hmmm, last Christmas actually." 

I bite my lip and Vanne throws her floppy hat at me, "You naughty girl, you never told me that!" 

I shrug and try to get Vanja's perfect picture out of my brain. "Whats happening with your guys baby?"

"Nothing, i think I'm about to become a virgin again." She said and I bursted out laughing. "Lets go to the beach and I'll tell you all about the nothing that's been going on, i'd hate to stay in the hotel no matter how gorgeous it is." 

I nodded and smiled, "Please." I winked and each walked into our rooms where our suitcases had already been delivered. 

"I have no idea how people work here, I would never ever leave this place!" Vanne said relaxing against the white beach chair. 

"Well, I actually don't have anything to come back with, I completely agree" I smiled. "Now do tell" 

"I don't know what's going on, I know that I'm definitely single in my book, I'm ending the engagement publicly as soon as I set foot in New York, and Damian, is also waiting in New York, I don't know much about him, Lucas, he, he is there, they are all there waiting for me to make a choice, this is too complicated, too many players and not enough prices." She said and shook her head raising her hand simultaneously for a bartender to come. 

"You don't have to make a choice! Neither of those guys are expecting anything from you, it's not your fault, they actually /want/ to wait around, you are not making them promises and not leading them on." I said also motioning for another drink. 

"But Ina, I can't help but feel this way, it's my fault,I shouldn't have slept with Damian, and well Lucas is still feeling guilty but I know he likes me." Vanne said and downed her drink as soon as she got it, telling the bartender to keep them coming. 

"You need to understand, Vanne that if a guy wants to wait it's because you are worth it, and if he doesn't, he is not." I smirked and looked at her.

"I have no idea what would I ever do without you, but it's gonna take a while for me to change my mind about this."

"Oh, don't be crazy! Just enjoy yourself, that's what I would do." I said as I drank a huge sip of strong cocktail. 

"Hm, you can do that you know. Who knows when Christian will be back and girl needs something on the side." She said and I gave her a questioning glare. "Oh, come on Ina, I know you and there was never a time you waited for a guy, never in your life. I'm starting to worry." 

I must agree with her and I tilt my head and shrug, "Well, yeah, I was never a 'one guy girl' type but Christian makes me feel different. He makes me want to change." I make a pause to light my cigarillo and then continue after I take a drag of smoke, "But then again, I'm so hor/ny." I say too loudly and guy who just brought us another round of drinks gives me a side glance. "You wish!" I say and he smirks and goes back to his place. 

"Well, did you two ever talked about this thing being exclusive?" Vanne asks in all his wisdom as she pulls her hair back. 

"Hmm, no." I mumble, thinking about it hard, "But I sure wouldn't like it if he had sex with someone else while on his secret mission." 

"Vanja was hot though!" Vanne says as she smirks. 

"You don't have to tell me that..."

"Either way, I think we both should just do what we want, besides after this I'm going to New York and finally be done with Charles for good." She said and I beamed at her. 

"OH sweetie that's great, but we can't be single together!!!" 

I pouted and she laughed loudly, "Like that ever stopped us." 

"You are right, I thought I was the bad one, but the sacred ritual of marriage didn't stopped you." I winked. 

Vanne mocked glare at me but then smiled. "Yes! well when you don't love the person you are about to spend the rest of your life with it certainly makes it easier to cheat with every hot piece of as.s that jumps in." 

"We certainly have hot friends." I said as I think about them for a second. 

"Either way, I'm happy you found someone that is going to make you go the monogamy way." Vanne laughed.

"Yeah... i just don't know how much longer I'm going to last with no se.x." Ilaughed. 

"You just need to not think about it, trust me, Charles can be a complete as.s, its only missionary and that boring stuff.... i don't even know why I lasted so long, it was the sweet thought of a dream that is certainly not true in any way." 

"What we dream as little girls is so far away from the real thing that is expecting us in the real world when you have kids I'm making sure I tell them that." I said and looked at her. 

"What about you?!" Vanne grinned.

"Hm, I don't know, I love kids but I am not sure that I would be a good mother... I don't know." I said and just when I spoke I figured how sad that sounds. I haven't given it much thought really but just that itself is a sign that maybe I wouldn't be such a great mother. 

"Oh, sweetie, that's /so/ not true!" Vanne says as she turns and sits directly in front of me, "I'm so sorry that you would think that but that's, excuse my french, such a bullsh?t! You /will/ be a great mother!" She says as she cups my hand and smiles warmly at me. 

I smile back and nod reassuringly and I feel better. "Anyway, lets lay off mommy talk." I giggle as I wipe the tear in my eye and pick up my cocktail. Vanne's soft words really made me sentimental. 

"Right!" She goes back in her position in our outdoor beach bed, "Well, there is this fabulous yacht party tonight. Eike Batista is hosting." She says as she bites her lip and finishes another cocktail. 

"Hmmm, riches man in Brazil!" I smile widely, not able to help myself from thinking about this party as my single best business opportunity. "So we need new fabulous outfits!"

"Indeed, ugh, I have been dying to wear a light maxi dress, everywhere is so cold." She said, sinking further into the white cushioned beach bed. 

"You look like a kitten!" I laughed. 

"It's just so comfy!" She said and closed her eyes for a second. 

I look around to find the waiter and I see someone I really didn't want to see. 

"Vanne, VANNE!" I whispered/yelled and she shot her eyes open and looked at me. 

"What?" She asked a little scared. 

"That person looks a lot like the agent you described." I said nodding towards a guy in a black button down and jeans.

"Dam.n that's him Ina! Let's just not do anything, but i have a weird feeling that there is so much more about him than being a US agent..." She said and looked at him.

"Do you think he might have something to do with Christian and that business?" I asked, peaking at him from between the palm leaves. 

"No, actually I think this has something to do with Charles, his father and the dirty business that drove them to bankruptcy, because you simple just don't lose a 20 billion dollar fortune." She said and I looked at her. 

"20 billion huh?" I smirked. "And that guy followed you all the way to Brazil?" 

"Yes, but if he shows up at the yacht I'm finding out what he wants!"
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