My Nail Polish Wishlist.

I'm kind of really bored, but whatever. I wouldn't call myself a girly girl or even a tomboy. I don't obsess over makeup, how perfect my hair needs to be, or what clothing styles are in or out. But one thing I really do love is nail polish. It's helped me with my habit of biting my nails. My nails are actually longish right now! I love that you can basically express yourself with your nail color. I guess you could call me obsessed with the stuff. I already own more than enough, but I really could care less.
Keep in mind that I buy almost all of my nail polish with my own money just so you know that my parents aren't spoiling the crap out of me. So this is my wishlist of nail polish that I hope to own one day. I know I probably won't end up getting ALL of these, but it's just an idea. Not every color is on here either. Some of them I couldn't even find so I'll just leave them out since I don't feel like clipping a bunch of pictures right now. Credit to whoever did this first.

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