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Narrator's POV

G-Dragon was sitting in his room, with notebook and pen in his hands. It was time Big Bang's leader spends writing new lyrics.
"Aish.."He sighed and put his hand on Gaho's head. The dog looked at his master hoping for some cuddling but male was more focused on piece of paper full of his own handwriting.
The lyric was too cute; it told a story of a clumsy girl who entered his heart. It wasn't good neither for Big Bang's album or his solo's; he could possible sold a song like that to SNSD or Girl's Day. But then I should be written form clumsy girl's point of view.
'Like Alice who accidentally found Wonderland, she found the way to my heart.' G-Dragon read last line.
It was useless.

He put notebook and pen aside; it wasn't good time to write anything. He sat more comfortably in his chair, closing his eyes to think about one particular day that somehow has changed his life. 

--- Three months earlier ----

Stylist was finishing putting make up on G-Dragon's face. He was on set of CF for GMarket.
Suddenly door to the studio opened and heavily breathing girl entered set. She must have run and apparently running wasn't her specialty. 
"Princess is finally here." Director of CF said in rather rude tone.
The girl bowed to him and to the rest of staff, saying nothing. She considered saying any excuses useless.
As she followed director who ordered her to carry some boxes, the stylist turned to G-Dragon.
"She's ridiculous; coming here like that."
It was true that the girl looked rather unusual; she entered set wearing some kind of Alice In The Wonderland costume and having her her dyed red.
"Isn't she that comedian who makes show with Jun Juri noona?" G-Dragon asked stylist.
"I hope she didn't recognized me" the male hidden his face under magazine.
GaIn, female G-Dragon and the stylist were referring to, was to busy to look at the idol. She came there to work as director's assistant and she was focused on his orders.

G-Dragon had a 'pleasure' to meet her earlier that month during recording for her show. She not only had entered his dorm loudly but also tried to steal Taeyang. After all, she was 'fangirl number one'. She really scared him that time, but on the set of GMarket CF she gave completely different feeling.

She wasn't acting like a star; she wasn't acting like a fangirl. She was modest employee.

G-Dragon felt really bad each time the director was yelling at her, calling her 'stupid' or 'clumsy'. Her cute outfit wasn't helping much.

"Alice, that lamp isn't in good place." 
"I'm GaIn, not Alice." Girl said to herself while heading in the direction of the lamp. She didn't notice pile black wires, stepping just in the middle of it and falling down.
"With whom I must work!" The director yelled again, but GaIn just stood up and correctly placed the lamp.

"We should try to film it from different angle; it would be more interesting then." GaIn said to director, making him turn red from anger. He wasn't used to listen any comments from his assistants.
"Who's director of this CF? YOU? Then shut up and go bring me coffee."

As soon as GaIn had disappeared from the set, the director ordered to change angle of filming. 

When recording ended, G-Dragon left the building and went to the parking where his car was parked.
As he turned to open car door, he noticed GaIn sitting on a kerb. 
She had sniffed loudly and wiped her tears before standing up to bow respectfully to her senior.
She looked rather miserable in Alice's costume, shivering from cold of the night.
"You worked hard." G-Dragon praised her. "Can I ask why are you wearing this?" Male was still curious. Not everyday you met director's assistants in Alice's costumes.
"I was recording with Jung Juri noona a parody. For a TV show."
"And you run from one set to another without any break?"
"No one has said making your dream come true is easy."
"Here." G-Dragon put his jacket around female's arms. She impressed him and he didn't wanted to see her shaking from cold.
"My bus." She suddenly screamed, running in the direction of nearest bus stop. "Thank you!"
After saying that, she recited few numbers.
"What's that."
"My phone number." She recited them again. "Call me, we need to meet again so I could give you back the jacket."

Since that day G-Dragon and GaIn have become friends. But they almost never met themselves alone; when boy and girl meet themselves without other friends being around them, it's too easy to confuse them as a couple.
And G-Dragon's agency and fans didn't want any gossips like that

G-Dragon opened his eyes. "GaIn's just my friend." He said loudly to Gaho. 
"It's good I can't date her. My fans are my girlfriends."
Both, G-Dragon and his dog Gaho knew it was a lie.

I felt like describing GD's and GaIn's second meeting ^^
As you see it wasn't love from the first sight:P
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