My name is Pastel Johnson

She's the sweet one in the story, and she's kinda like Beth's alter-ego XD
Pastel is sweet and calm, she parades through life with graceful twirls on her mangled feet, as the world watches her enviously from the cover of every magazine. But she's dying on the inside, even though her bright eyes say otherwise.
Loves: Ballet, broadway productions, strawberry cremes from Starbucks, dresses, anything sweet, classical music, high heels, confetti, Coach, skirts, scratch and sniff stickers, pink, white and baby blue, show tunes, skiiing and white chocolate
Hates: Scream-o music, combat boots, people with no cause, military hair cuts, traveling by subway, fruity gum, people with no manners, neon clothing, riots/unruly parties, selfish people, piercings, and being left out

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