Drea: My main character. She's the leader of an upheaval group in an oppressive society. She is emotionally cut off from basically everyone with the exception of Alexander, Caleb, Jason, and (sort of) Sarah.

Alexander: I actually think Alexander might be my hidden protagonist. He's going to get a side story of his own. Drea regards him as her best friend and potentially the person who should truly be in charge.

Caleb: Caleb and Drea have been close since they were in their early teens and he has been with her through a lot. He is the self-identified "perfect number two" but has no idea how to lead.

Jason: Drea's nephew and her protege. He is a privileged child in a lacking world and doesn't understand things yet. He is a member of "Project Harvest" and is considered to be the property of the government.

Richard: The "President" of the New Ideals. He's a black hat to the nth and really a horrible person. He's also Drea's uncle and considers Jason his protege as well.

Sarah: Drea's sister and Jason's mother. She's not a rebel like Drea, but she finds her own way. She's also one of the only people in this story to be unapologetically sweet.

NOT CAST YET: Sarah's husband (jerky face), Meredith (Alexander's wife, sweetie, great relationship with Jason) Diana (Caleb's girlfriend/wife).

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