Corin "Cori" Sayre 
Occupation: Works intently with the Rotino gang. Since she's so involved with Charlie she'll help out during schemes as long as theirs something in it for her. She is also an expert pick-pocket. 
Likes: Money, sex, smoking, adrenaline rushes but still craves security, attention, reading books, imagining, writing poetry. 
Dislikes: Herself, her mother, her past, being treated like a child, being told no. 
Bio: Corin grew up very poor, her opiate-obsessed mother raised her alone while selling herself on the streets of Chicago. For 14 years Corin promised herself a better life than that. She got a secretary job and lied about her age so she could buy new clothes. She completely reinvented herself by the age of fifteen, bobbed her hair, filled her closet with the clothes of the flappers she admired, read up on culture, all the while ignoring all familial claims her mother made towards her. Corin was her own person by the time 15 and a half came around. She moved in with a friend shortly afterwards and provided herself with the parading lifestyle of her fellow party girls. She didn't know she had been sucked into the mob world until she was already in too deep. But she had a reason to stay, Charlie. He was beautiful, he pampered her, had money and he was a tragedy. She spent eternities trying to fix him, but realized he was too far gone. She still loves him now, but has lost that passion. Her mind wanders to the thought of being with another. Watching his eyes wander to other girls no longer breaks her the way it once did. They cling to each other more out of companionship and loneliness than love. She can find love elsewhere. She knows he is unfaithful and it does break her, but not as it once did. 
Model: Vlada Roslyakova
Taken by: @presnancy
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