I did one of these yesterday and people liked it, so I'm gonna be doing these more often. I checked the temperature and where I live it's supposed to in the high 60s. It's weird, considering it was chilly today. Anyways, onto the outfit. I love love love love love wearing dresses. I know a lot of people hate them. People say that dressed are uncomfortable and more expensive. They are not more expensive. If you add up the cost of a shirt and a pair of pants, it will probably end up being more than the cost of the dress itself. As for comfort, I always wear spandex underneath to prevent that "OMG I have no pants on" feeling. I am basically the only girl in my school that wears dresses. I just like them! So tomorrow I plan to wear this really cute pink lace dress I got from Forever 21, and just some basic black ballet flats with a bow. My makeup will be natural, like it always is for school. I like to look classy, girly, and fresh and heavy eyeliner or a smoky eye is not following that at all. I don't know what I'm gonna do with my hair yet, but I put this picture up here because it is THE EXACT COLOR OF MY HAIR. No joke. EXACT. My hair is brown with caramel and honey highlights. It look exactly like the picture, which is CRAZY!!!!! So yeah, bye!

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