Hey guys! Linna here! This isn't really a tip but just seem outfit inspiration for ya'll! So these are my outfits from Monday through Thursday <33 

 ~ This outfit is very casual and relaxed, it's perfect for those lazy days or car trips. I'm wearing an abercrombie sweatshirt which I got on Black Friday for $15. It's super warm and comfy, and I'm wearing black sweatpants except mine has my schools logo on it. Then I added an owl necklace that looks similar to that to make it a little more "fancy" kind. I have to swim in gym on Mondays so I try to wear things that are easy to put on. Finally, I'm wearing my nikes that are exactly like that. Super neon pink! 
~ HAiR: I tied my hair in a loose messy ponytail and added a braided headband from claires (: 
~ MAKEUP: none because I have to swim

~ This outfit is casual with a bohemian touch. I'm wearing a northface with no hood, mine is the same design except the color is more like tortoise colored. I'm wearing yoga pants which I got from forever 21 for like $7.50! I added a scarf to make it more bohemian, and finally I finished the whole outfit off with my cute moccasins that are super warm and SOOO adorable! 
~ HAiR: I braided my hair the night before, so when I woke up... I had loose, messy, but perfect wavy hair. It's so cute! & I added a flower clip from claires.
~ MAKEUP: I used Clinique Mascara and my BABYlips Chapstick that's quenched flavor. Although it was $3.50, it's so worth it(: 

~ This outfit is casual & effortless but super cute. First I got a tank top, it looks exactly like the one in the picture expect mines white and I got it at forever 21 for $4.50 (cheap!) And I wore my northface hyvent that's exactly the same as that over it. Next, I paired it with black jeggings and my zebra striped socks! Finally, I wore my vans. It's exactly like that except with neon blue sole & lace(: 
~ HAiR: I French braided my "bangs" (not really bangs anymore) to the side, added a flower clip then I braided the rest of my hair down. 
~ MAKEUP: I used Clinique Mascara and my cherry Chapstick from Carmex! 

~ This outfit is casual and bohemian at the same time. First, I wore a white tank top from abercrombie and paired it with a denim jacket and I rolled up the sleeves. Next, I wored my light wash skinny jeans and I rolled it up to make it look like boyfriend jeans. Then, I added a heart necklace I got from claires. And finally, I wore my coach sneakers!
~ HAiR: Messy bun with a braided headband
~ MAKEUP: Babylips, no mascara. 

That's all! I know my outfits aren't so stylish. I'm more of a casual type of person with a bohemian/preppy touch. Love you guys! 

~ Linna

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