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hey guys!
wowowow i have so much to say in this hahaha lets get started!

so on november eighteenth i got a top set! woohoo so that was exciting. lmao i didn't realize until the nineteenth though 

soo that leads into our next big thing- i hit 2k! the top set def helped bc i got added to the automatic follower list after that so yay :-)

anyways, speaking of big milestones, i think i'm going to call of my 1k set challenge. tbh there were just too many sets to make and ik that everyone's rly busy so yeah. i'm v sorry to the people who took the time to complete all or most of the sets, that rly made me happy. pm me whenever and i'll figure out something to make up to you guys 
@thundxrstorms @same-sunset @lie-ability @celhestial @symone-i :)) BUT i am going to have a v v v small 2k thing. i'll prob tell u guys about that in my next set.

 i'm gonna do a tag now cx

☽1. do you have a middle name?

☽2. what was your favorite subject in school?
math or science 
☽3. what’s your favorite drink?
lemon san pellegrino
☽4. what’s your favorite song at the moment?
we are young by fun.

☽5. what would you name your children?
tbh idk 

☽6. do you participate in any sports?
yep, soccer

☽7. what’s your favorite book?
i can't choose!

☽8. what’s your favorite colour?
mint green, lavender, and turquoise 

☽9. what’s your favorite animal?
probably a dog

☽10. what’s your favorite perfume?
i don't like perfume

☽11. what’s your favorite holiday?
i guess christmas

☽12. have you graduated from high school?
not yet

☽13. have you been out of the country?

☽14. do you speak any other languages?
yes, english is my first language and i'm fluent in french and spanish, pretty fluent in latin, and know some russian

☽15. do you have any siblings?
yeah, a younger brother

☽16. what’s your favorite store?
zara or lush

☽17. what’s your favorite restaurant?
a local restaurant called commonwealth
☽18. do you like school? 

☽19. who are some of your favorite youtubers?
um danisnotonfire and amazingphil

☽20. what’s your favorite movie? 
the breakfast club and fantastic beasts and where to find them

☽21. what are some of your favorite tv shows?
sherlock, scream queens, grey's anatomy, orange is the new black

☽22. pc or mac?
mac i've never had a pc

☽23. what phone do you have?
iphone 6

☽24. how tall are you?

☽25. any pets? 
a puppy named piper <3

i tag @you :-) hahaha u guys probably learned nothing about me in that lmao

ok that's about it! comment some song suggestions if you read this :-)

luv u

EDIT: omg another top set! thanks!

@polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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