Proud Hufflepuff: Personal Effects

This is my school stuff and sentimental junk. All my homey things I keep close to me at Hogwarts, and my cat, Spencer. He's a bit shy.
I'm very good friends with the house elves down the hall in the kitchen, so I have lots of snacks.
I also quite enjoy lots of warm blankets and pillows with it being so cool down in the dungeons at times, as well as some nice hot red tea (my favorite) in the evenings and late at night.
I might be a little bit of a hoarder, I swear, I can't throw anything away.


Wrote one year ago
Awww, thank you @neonn10! So glad to hear that it reminds you of something cozy and familiar. :)

Wrote one year ago
Yesss Hufflepuff!! I love how this set has a cozy feel to it. It reminds me of my cousin, who's in India right now so that was also pretty nice :)

Wrote one year ago
I'm glad, @dresscode-fashion!

Wrote one year ago
Obsessed with this!


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