My Place Holder To Enter Contests.....

A place holder allows you to enter it to a contest that you want to enter at a later time.
Once you have created the set, you delete the place holder and enter the set to the contest.
This allows you to mark the contest and find it quickly. You dont have to spend time scrolling through the contests looking for it.
In addition, you can hide a required item behind or with in your place holder.
This will allow you to enter a item required contest.
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Wrote 4 months ago
@dawn-lindenberg When you enter the "holder in to a contest if you scroll down to under the set there is a row with titles: one of the categories is contests. When you click on contests it will show you all the contests the sets are entered. Once you create the set you want to enter into the contest you delete the "place holder" and enter the set. I have attached my latest place holder. It will show you what I am talking about. Hope this helps, if not I can explain further.

Wrote 4 months ago
great I will make one...& yes it's a pain in the butt to find the contest ...I don't get how you find it from the place holder.????

Wrote one year ago
Please feel free to create your own. I only ask that you give me credit in the description. Thank you, Lynn
AKA: lynnspinterest

Wrote one year ago
This is such a great idea and I'm amazed that it's the first time I've come across this on Polyvore. Thank you for sharing:)

Wrote one year ago
Fantastic idea!! Gorgeous sets!


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