I joined Polyvore in 2009, when I happened to stumble upon it through an internet search. It fast became my favourite website, and set-making became almost like a new hobby of mine.

Previously to Polyvore, I had poor fashion knowledge. My wardrobe was an ugly mix of dark, unflattering colours. I didn't have an individual style, just lack of any style what so ever. 

Polyvore has made me much more fashion-minded. It's made me much more curious about the fashion industry and the designers and models within it. I have also taken more of an interest in fashion illustration, and considered maybe trying out some fashion illustration myself. As for my wardrobe, my clothes have improved dramatically. I now have a better eye for clothes that suit me. I feel much happier with how I look now!

On top of that - I have been lucky enough to win a number of Polyvore contests. I enter for the fun of it, and to win is such an amazing bonus! A while ago, I entered the MyFDB.com contest to design a dream outfit inspired by a photoshoot. The challenge was just too good to miss out on! I literally couldn't believe it when I saw my set as the winner, and then more disbelief to realize I had won an iPad2!

This amazing prize has been everywhere with me, It has helped me achieve so much; My daily drawing blog couldn't run without it, I can easily connect with my followers through social networking on it, It's been SO helpful when I want to learn new music on the piano, and so much more. Most noteworthy - My work has been seen by my muse, Lady Gaga, and my favourite blogger/model Audrey Kitching. This really wouldnt've been possible without the help from my wonderful Polyvore prize!

Thank you Polyvore for helping me to become more creative and more fashionable! 
Long live Polyvore!


Wrote 20 days ago
This is such an inspiring story —I came across while doing research about the success of Polyvore on google. :) Would love to pick your brain sometime if you have some time!

Wrote two years ago
Absolutely Fabulous!!!!!

Wrote two years ago
Pretty Helen!!

Wrote two years ago
This is seriously gorgeous

Wrote two years ago
Congrats on the #gaga feature in homepage

Wrote two years ago
you deserve it all so much!

Wrote three years ago
WoW! I like it! <3

Wrote three years ago
Apparently, I tagged too many people, so you didn't get a notification for this tag... So here you go. ;)
MERRY CHRISTMAS ♥ just for you ♥

Wrote three years ago
stunning set and text!!!! omg, I've been out for so long and I'm absolutely amazed by all the great news!!! super congrats, helen!!! I've always been a fan of yours, you're a truly artist and deserves it so much!!!! :***

Wrote three years ago
Wow, this is such a great set dear!

Wrote three years ago
wow amazing!! ♥

Wrote three years ago
I've just seen the article about you meeting Lady Gaga because of your drawings of her. Well done to you :-)

Wrote three years ago
Great entry here! Hope you are well xx

Wrote three years ago
This is beyond amazing!!!! Congratulations on this fabulous opportunity!!! You are an inspiration. I look forward to seeing what else you create!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
Great set and CONGRATS, you thoroughly deserve it x

Wrote three years ago
@dollychops where are the lady gaga shirts with your drawings available to buy?? thanks

Wrote three years ago
amazing story! congrats

Wrote three years ago
Congratulations sweetie ~ your talent is amazing and that is just SO exciting !!

Wrote three years ago
wowww!!! sooo stylish!!! and congrats dear!!! soo talented!!

Wrote three years ago
you are a Superstar! very talented

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