After @sophisty dedicated her “Polyvore story” set to me a few days ago it got me thinking about my own Polyvore journey.

I have been a member of Polyvore for over five years, and I have made over 2000 sets. I discovered a Polyvore app on Facebook (a feature that does not exist today). That one simple click on a link changed the course of my life forever. Rather than end up on Polyvore’s homepage, the app link from Facebook put me directly into the Polyvore editor. 

Familiar with the workings of Photoshop, the editor made perfect sense to me. As I was checking out the cool editor interface, I happened to notice a gallery labeled “CHANEL” with pages upon pages of items from my favorite designer label (which should explain to you my choice of names). Excited by the clothes, shoes and accessories I found in the CHANEL gallery, I proceeded to make my first set. It’s here if you want to see it 

Now I have to point out, that while the editor enthralled me, I had NO IDEA that when I hit the publish button that this meant “Live” to everyone on Polyvore. I wouldn’t have known it was live, but within moments of hitting publish, I started to see comments and favorites (we called them “faves” back then … I miss faves) appearing below the set. Well, let me tell you, I was truly hooked! Fashion and love, does it get any better than that?

Sitting on my couch making sets would’ve been enough for me, but fate had other plans. Polyvore has been very kind to include my sets in their marketing materials, and even let me be a part of their 2010 feature article in The New Yorker magazine. That kinda blew my mind. Since then, they have included me in many other things from allowing me to be the inaugural guest for the “Style Advice” section, to being featured in Glamor magazine's online blog, to testing new Polyvore features, to helping new Polyvore members get started, and most recently, they asked me to design the promotional posters for Polyvore Live. Then, thrill of thrills, Polyvore invited me to attend their very first fashion show “Polyvore Live” (and hopefully not last) in New York City this past winter. But that’s just some of the personal stuff. Polyvore has also impacted my career.

As a marketing communications professional, I use my experiences with Polyvore to advise clients on how best to engage their customers online. I also use Polyvore as an example when I teach social media courses at one of our local colleges. 

So you ask, what impact has Polyvore had on me? As a young girl I dreamed of working at a big glossy fashion magazine in New York (who among you didn’t?). While that particular childhood dream never materialized, being a part of the Polyvore story has let me turn the essence of that dream into a reality, and in ways I never could’ve imagined as a young girl back in 19 [cough].

Thank you everyone @Polyvore and especially to Pasha, Jess, Nadia, Lauren and Chrystal for including me in your story! You guys are truly awesome. 

For all the Poly friends I have made, for all the members who have contacted me with all their questions, for all sets that have been made for me, all the tags you have included me in, for all the love and support you have given me, and to the entire Polyvore community, this set is dedicated to you.

What's Your Polyvore Story?

What's Your Polyvore Story?

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Has Polyvore inspired you to go to fashion school? Hone your design skills? Start a blog? Share your story with us!

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