I started using Polyvore when i was 16. Now i am 19. A lot of things have changed, including my style. And that thanks to Polyvore. I used to think that as a 16 year old girl, my style was limited and i could only wear what regular 16 year old girls wore. So i used Polyvore as an escape for my ideas. But i soon realized that your surroundings shouldn't influence your style. You control your body, and that includes what you wear. I started to use Polyvore to plan my outfits. I started to use Polyvore as a guide to what i should buy next time i go shopping. And soon enough, it became my good friend.
When i was 17 i started my senior year in high school and because of that i didn't have the time to use Polyvore anymore, and i wasn't active for two years... Until a month ago. I am now a journalism student who is starting my second year in fall. Where i will be specializing in culture and in my third year, in fashion.
I always knew i wanted to become a journalist, till last month i thought that i wanted to write about music AND books AND movies AND fashion. But as i started to use Polyvore again, i realized that fashion is were my heart lies. It never left it. During these two year of absence i gained a lot more knowledge about fashion, i am now more aware of the industry and all i want to do is write about it. One day hopefully next to Karin Swerink or Franca Sozzani (if my italian ever becomes perfect :) )
Polyvore is now helping me educate my knowledge further and develop my personal style more and more to the better. And i decided that i am going to start a blog after the summer.
I want to say thank you and good job to the Polyvore team. For keep making this place better and better since the day i registered four years ago.

Thank you !
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