Last year I lost my job of 15 years as a regional manager for a pretty big corporation. My husband encouraged me to stay home, even though we would be reducing our family's income down to a single salary, it provided me with an opportunity to spend valuable time raising my daughter, an opportunity I had never had when I was working 12 hour days and traveling all over the place. When I discovered Polyvore it was about 6 months ago. I was looking online for a certain style of sweater, and poof! there it was, this amazing cyber-land of fashion, art, and creativity beyond anything I had ever seen. I knew immediately I had to become a part of it. I have always loved art, interior decorating, and especially fashion. I never had the opportunity to attend college, but if I did I would have majored in fashion merchandising. The job I previously mentioned paid well and was secure, but there was no creativity involved in what I did. In fact, I was miserable and tired and always wished I was doing something else. Not working has also allowed me to pursue two of my favorite things, jewelry making and thrifting. I love thrift stores, have since I was younger..I can still remember the day when I was 11 or 12 and discovered the Salvation Army & Goodwill stores, it was so exciting to find people's unwanted treasures and make them my own. I love anything vintage and I have fun mixing old things with new things. I also love the feeling you get knowing that you are helping other people in need by making those purchases. Thrifting also allows me to have a shopping fix without spending much. Over the past few months, I have decided to share some of my found treasures with the world, and open up my own online vintage shop. (Everything is in the works now, and I hope to open within the next month!) If it wasn't for me finding Polyvore, and especially meeting some of the amazing people on here who constantly support and encourage me, I honestly don't know if I would have had the guts to actually open this shop. Using Polyvore has allowed me to try new things, new styles, and has opened my eyes to a whole community of people who like a lot of the same things I do. Over the past few months I have had sort of an awakening to go ahead and make my dreams a reality. If I have success, then it will be great, if I don't, then at least I can say I gave it a go. Either way, Polyvore will stay a part of my life and I cant wait to continue to meet amazing people and discover even more about the world around me, and express myself through this amazing site. Thanks Polyvore team, and all my amazing Polyfriends! xoxo -Kelly
Thank you SO much everyone for your faves, your kind comments and for helping make this a Top Set for August 6th!! And thank you to the @polyvore team especially!
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