Hi polyvorians!
This set shows a little of me in polyvore.
Something of my story, I found polyvore in a fashion blog and I really enjoyed .I used to make digital scrapbooking and when I looked at polyvore it was an answer for my hobby. When I started polyvore, 3 years ago, my internet were very low speed, so it was very difficult to make a set and it used to take long time just to change one page for other.. at that time I made some sets and I gave up... Some months after that, I changed my computer and my internet, I remembered about the polyvore and opened my account..
at the beginning I made "sets" just for fun, in the course of time I started to understand what polyvore is.. I discovered the groups, contests, likes, trophies, polyvore contests, top sets, comments, advices, art, polyvore blog, fashion, trends.. wow.. more and more things every day... of course I can not fail to mention about fashion.. I love fashion. I follow fashion in blogs,magazines, tv, apps and I go shopping always trying to be into fashion and understand about it.
Now, I'm improving my fashion acquaintance with polyvore too!
I love polyvore because of the opportunity to express my creativity and have fast return about the quality of my work.. when I say that means a lot to me every comment and "like" that's true! It's good receive positive answer and support in something that I love.
What happened with me? some months ago I showed polyvore to a friend and she got addicted like me, we now have a group, that calls "POLYVORE FOR ALL" shows another point of view of polyvore, some stores made contact with me and I'm using my polyvore page as portifolio.
Every day I show more knowledge about fashion in my sets, also write about the concepts of my sets and what inspire me.
What I want to my future is to understand more and more fashion and turn it in my job.
Thanks @polyvore for all experience!! I could write a book about every think that I learn.
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