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My Polyvore story is especially important to me because it has changed the way I look at my future. One of my best girlfriends, @ashleyrachelle6 showed me the site and I have been hooked ever since. While going to school thousands of miles away from my family, the homesickness was unbearable at times. I found that whenever I would get that terrible feeling, I would hop on Polyvore and the hours would race by, somehow relaxing me and keeping my mind occupied. Once I started this "obsession" there was no stopping me, I would be up until the early hours of the morning making new sets. My roommates would see me on Polyvore and ask me how I could spend hours and hours on a site just putting together outfits. Ever since I was little, putting together outfits has been my passion [the proof is in the pictures of my Mom allowing me to pick out my outfits at a very young age... :) ] 

One day, I saw a quote that changed the way I thought of my future. The quote said "The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life." I realized after months of wondering what I would do once I got that degree in my hand that a career in fashion merchandise and marketing is where my heart was. From then on in, I knew what my final goal was and have been doing anything to bring me one step closer to that dream. I am currently a merchandise marketing intern with one of the largest online shopping sites on the web and will be graduating in December with high hopes of attending the FIDM Los Angeles campus in the Spring. Thanks @polyvore, I can't even being to thank you for opening my eyes, filling me with inspiration from all the other wonderful sets I see each day, and giving me an outlet for my creativity!
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