Dear Polyvore Community,

It would mean the world if you all read this. I'm pouring my heart out and i just want to be heard and get my story out there.♥

For a few days now i have seen this contest and have clicked the create a set to enter, but everytime i go to write my story down, nothing comes. Not because i have nothing to say, but because i just have TOO MANY things to say and don't quite know how to go about it. When i think about Polyvore and everything it has done for me, i can't help but to smile and be greatful. No matter what i say, i know i can't explain in full detail my love for this site,but i'll ATTEMPT my best at it.

So, it all started the summer i was going into freshman year of high school. It started for this website "The Clique Academy" where we had fashion assignments, and our job was to submit them to a group. When i went on this site, i was so amazed! How could a site like this exist without me knowing?! I loved how you could put clothes together, and mix and match things together. Fashion is a type of science, in a way. There are so many fabrics to choose from, and an assortment of styles and colors; mixing it all together to see what looks good and what doesn't, etc. I had fun experimenting with everything. I made lockers, to dream bedrooms, to art sets, and finally, to outfits. I WISH that i could actually wear the outfits i styled and made!

I'm not quite when, but sometime my freshman year i wanted a whole new approach to Polyvore. My sets felt so juvenille, and wanted a fresh start (laurencoutouran) However, my computer broke the beginning of sophmore year, and my family didn't get a new one until the end of the year. I created my last account (princesslgp3lnc) using Facebook. That's where i had my more "modern" sets. Well, the better ones that i started playing around with the layouts of my sets. I looked at more successful members sets and what made them liked.

Recently (well, last year) i went to log on and i was given a new account. Why? Because facebook timeline created it and look the place of my old one that i had previously connected with Facebook. I was so distressed! All my likes, followers and views were on there, how could i ever get them back?? I messaged the Polyvore team, but nothing was ever able to be done. So like a good sport, i decided to start over (for the fourth time). I want this to be my last account too. I'm happy with it. :)

Polyvore has made me realize just how much i love fashion. I have always loved it, but never really knew any sites to go on. Now, i have a whole bunch of sites i know that i visit regularly!:) I have realized that it is my dream to become a celebrity stylist. In 2014, i will be attending the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise and majoring in Visual Communications. I hope to one day be a stylist! I have no choice but to believe i will. Honestly, that's the reason i love this site; it's helping me build a portfolio of all i can do, while at the same time showcasing my style and providing a creative outlet (and a stress relief) for me. Thank you so much for reading this and i hope that you realize how much Polyvore means to me, and everything it has done. Polyvore team: THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS AMAZING WEBSITE! I am so thankful you have done so, and especially to use free of charge! I will NEVER stop using this site! ♥

Love, Layla♥
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