My Polyvore story has two different parts. One which might be the ordinary one since this is a fashion website and another one which could surprise you because it really did surprise me. 

I've been on Polyvore for a long time now. At first I just thought it would be great to fantasize how to put clothes I'd never own myself together and combine them with pictures which finally made out a signature style, my own layouts. It was great to get inspired by others daily. Through Polyvore, I can see trends coming before they arrive in my country, which isn't bad either. My own daily style also changed, I think I became braver and more open to things which aren't ordinary. It's obvious that I'm talking about the fashion part here, right? 
But Polyvore is not only putting pieces together. I think it's really about creating and designing. And creating means being creative and being full of creativity. And each creator wants to be notice. Why else should we create something if we don't want to show it to others? So, now I come to the part of my Polyvore story where the two sides of it come together. Because I love my sets to be recognized and to be appreciated. It's an amazing feeling that people like what I create and that they care about it. It kind of raised my self-esteem higher up. But I already mentioned that it's not only about designing, so here's the the thing which surprised me.

I heard of role-plays on here and I have to admit that I thought it would be something... well, let's say strange at first. But then I was able to join my first role-play where I used Doutzen Kroes as my character's model. This explains why there are so many models in here, all of them represent a character I wrote stories for. I could have put some more into it, but these are the most important ones. 
For those of you who don't know what a role-play is, we write stories for characters, most of the time with a special theme. For example, the characters work as models, visit an exclusive boarding school.... everything you can dream of. And everything which some of us might never experience themselves. The characters are represented by models, some of them famous, some of the fresh-faced which by the way increased my interest in models and their styles.
I started to write stories and connected with people through them. Some of the members on here who I can call my friends have been with me in the plays and we got to know each other through them. 
The reason why I'm writing this down is because through Polyvore I noticed how much I love writing. I already wrote stories before, but I didn't show them to anybody. Now people read my stories, actually comment on them and want to read more which is one of the best feelings ever if you like writing. Through Polyvore, this passion became a big part of life. I joined the school's newspaper and might even become a journalist. I could do this and think about it because I know I'm good, because people told me. I even wrote my first longer story this year which I might publish on here. Though English isn't my mother language, the role-plays helped me to improve my English, too.

In the end, Polyvore is a place where I can combine two of my biggest passions with each other, fashion and writing. And because of this, Polyvore will always mean a lot to me. 

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