Top Sets for Aug 10th, 2012

I won't start with a lie and say that I am now Extremely Fashionable, or that I've been inspired to start color blocking and blogging my outfits every other day. Not only would it be a dishonest way to express my appreciation for my time on Polyvore, but it would deny the fact that I do, in fact, have a story and I have, in fact, grown.

My growth is more subtle, although my appreciation is just as sincere. Creating sets on Polyvore has been catharsis and creative experience, as well as a foray into the world of fashion that was previously a mystery to me. I have long been a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of girl, but Polyvore has given me opportunity to see that 'fashion' isn't limited to those with big bank accounts or tiny waistlines. My wardrobe hasn't evolved overnight, but there are subtle additions, nods to a growing awareness of classic pieces that translate across genres, several pairs of shoes I bought because I love them rather than because they're simply versatile, and some fun and flattering articles of clothing that take me away from my old jeans-and-tees habits.

As for creativity, I love Polyvore for giving me an outlet and introducing me to people willing to encourage and cheer me on. It has definitely encouraged creativity in other areas of my life and the courage to trust my instincts artistically.

Wow, MUCH longer than I intended. That should teach you not to ask questions unless you REALLY want to hear the answer.
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