When I was little, I used to love to dress up my barbie dolls, I was pretty much obsessed about having many and many more dolls so I could style each of them with different outfits. When I was becoming a teenager, that little obsession of mine was not over, although I had to give away my dolls. So I needed to find another way to do what I enjoyed so much. One afternoon, I took a random notebook I found and started to sketch a doll, I was really proud of myself because in my eyes it was perfect. After that, I started to do more and more sketches, I cudnt stop. I used to coloured them with crayons, had tons of them.

When I went to high school, I kind of left my drawings behind because I thought they were not good enough. A couple of years went past and just before finishing high school I started to sketch again, but this time they had changed, I was more concerned about silhouette and that sort of crazy stuff. 

I remember I used to tell my mum that I really wanted to learn how to sew, she even started to teach me how to hand sew and how to crochet. But then I started uni, so I didn't have much time for that and I decided to focus more on languages, which was my major. 

One day, as I looked down in my closet I could see a piece of paper with one of my designs in it and then I thought "I want to do this again but it'll be great if I could find some inspiration". I sat down at my desk and started surfing the net and I typed "Dress up game". I found many interesting games but I wasn't quite happy because they were so limited, so I wanted to find something better. After so much search, I found this website "Polyvore", I didnt quite understand it at the beginning because there were no dolls to dress up. But I wanted to give it a try and so I did! I found it so interesting that I could use any piece of clothing, they were unlimited, even the ones that I dreamt to have, I could use. 

After a couple of months of using it, I felt a bit discouraged because no one would really see what I created and in my head my creations were amazing (even if not :D). I entered many and many contests waiting for that moment where I could be noticed but nothing happened and so I left it for a while. 

Many unfortunate things have happened in my life in the last 3 years and I desperately wanted to find something where I could get lost in time, maybe a Hobby?? but well, something that would be kind of "my little secret world'' so I started reading, writing, aquarelle drawing, playing poker, all kinds of things that would bring me joy. But after a year, can't remember exactly, I came back to Polyvore and since then I thought that I never want to leave again. Here I have found so many nice, different, interesting people and for the first time in my life I can show to people what I really love and I don't have to be afraid of rejection. 

I've been creating sets almost everyday and it's just so peaceful/comforting to come here and share with others anything that comes to my head. I can say that Polyvore really have changed my outlook on fashion. And now as an adult, I could finally find the place where I really want to belong, I have found my true passion and what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. I've been sketching again and I'm starting a sewing course this summer! i really want to do this and I already have a sewing machine my aunt gave me!!!! (it's a vintage one) so wish me luck!

On spite of having a modern language degree, I want to do Fashion. I know many people might think it's silly and risky and there are little chances but I don't care, this is what I want to pursue! And after my mum's gone, I realized how short life is and that you should do your best to make your dreams come true before it is too late. 

So finally, I would like to thank Polyvore's creators, you've help me discover a world that I didn't even know existed and of course, thanks to the polyvorist community for always supporting.

This place is really Amazing!
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