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i'm changing my style a little... I was re-creating my sets over and over again.. and It came up to this... The only thing new is the scrap book paper .. I don't want to add more details.. I want something simple yet inspiring. I want something that people will look and says that " @advent" set... I want something that is "me".. in my 7 months in @polyvore I tried many different styles now I'm looking, creating again.. 

Honestly, I'm inspired by other sets created from my polyfriends.. The ideas they have, the uniqueness of there sets, it's mind blowing.. but it doesn't mean I want to copy them.. That's a BIG NO NO! I want something that is MINE.. that shows me.. 

I create, I style, I make from my own point of view and my own prospective... I want to be ORIGINAL ..
I hope these new sets that I'll be creating will give you inspirations ;)))

I dedicate this new sets of my mine to the people in polyvore that inspires me a lot: @rainie-minnie , @are-you-with-me , @dress-like-a-queen , @anashe, @helleka, @ffpava, @nyamnyam, @japanesegarden, @achie , @ellchy89 , @barbarela11, @miissbonbon , @mossoo, @luxecouture , @aniael , @sneky , @lierreetc , @lavishlulu , @nour101 , @doozer, @juuh , @claud-637, @captureaddicted , @glivingthedream , @linapb , @lilylo, @thewondersoffashion, @antonela, @k-hearts-a, @miliner, @mmmcake1 , @dreamer1983...
... ;))))

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Casual PU Women's Flats With Classic Weaving and Soild Color Design:

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Fashionable Style Colorful Cone-Shape Pendants Collarbone Necklace For Women:

Candy Color Elastic Bottoming Zipper Women's Cotton Blend Slimming Pants:
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