I know, I am late, but I had no idea of good resolutions. You know as: have more good result at school, loose some weigh, have a boyfriend.... This is some resolutions than everybody take and I tough it was "cliché" and I never touch my goal. So, this year 2014 "voilà" my resolutions!!!

1- study more correctly, take the time for studying and because I am in "Cégep" I study in my futur (perhaps) job. So, now, I have to study more correctly and loving what I am doing. Loving learn new thing and take pleasure to do it. (This is perhaps not clear what I try to write :/ )

2- ENJOY THE MOMENT!!! Take the time to enjoy and STOPING TO BE NEGATIVE! This year, I want enjoy my school, my life, my situation, the nature which is around me, the book I read, the discussion I share with the people I care......

3- do more, having less... Do more interesting thing, stoping to be annoying, take more walk just for enjoy the day, read a great book, but not in my room, but in the park, go to the cinema, same if I am alone.... Just have an active life and stoping to be the girl who say: "well, yesterday I just did nothing really interesting...you?".

4- Find an activity than I love! Yes, I give me one years to find something as: soccer, hockey, yoga, gym, dance, cheerleading.... I have to find my sport! Because, I always consider me as an "artist" because I love to draw, painting, but I want to try something else. 

So, there is my 4 lovely resolutions! What is your?

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