- My School Schedule This Year

i should be shot for making such a terrible real life set. anyways...
In This Set;;
-Hollister Red and Grey V-neck Sweater
-Hollister Light Wash Straight Legged Jeans
-Red and White Toms
-Hollister Bag
-Red Samsung Reality
-Fancy Perfume by Jessica Simpson
-Love and Glamour Lotion by Jenifer Lopez
-Aeropostale Make-up Bag
-Kirkland Coverup Palette
-Nuetrogena Mini Sunscreen
-'Damn I'm Cute' Compact Mirror
-MAC Eyelash Curler
-LashQueen Feline Black Waterproof Mascara

;;okay hey there polyvorians. im sorry for the abscence. i was on an extrodinary vacation in lake tahoe for the week with a lovely condo on the lake and an amazing speed boat. it was quite perfect. (: so here's my school schedule this year.

6:00am;; VIBRATE (my cell vibration wakes me) usually lie in bed and stretch out for a couple minutes. relive my dreams. that things so im not hit with the morning.

6:05am;; i rarely eat breakfast without being forced by my mother but this year im changing that. go downstairs. eat something light like fruit and yogurt. that kinda thing. take my gross vitemins (im VERY anemic. i have an 8.5 iron level when i should have well above a 12...woops ;) drinking orange juice helps)

6:15am;; either shower for twenty minutes if not done the night before. if not showering take this time to do hair. straighten/curl.

6:35am;; make up! i wear a sizable amount but i tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to presenting myself. wash face. moisturize. liquid foundation. coverup. powder. blush. curl eyelashes. eyeliner. mascara. gloss. done (:

6:45am;; brush teeth. perfume. deoderant. lotion. all those yummy smelling things.

6:50am;; clothes. takes a second to put on. previously laid out. get my bag and just linger around my room to make sure i have everything.

7:00am;; make my lunch.

7:15am;; linger around the house. i don't leave till eight so i can do whatever.

8:00am;; woo hoo leave for school... so exciting.

8:20am;; get to school. catch up with my lovely, dearest friends.

8:30am;; school starts.

My Classes:
Honors 10 English
IB European History 
Algebra 2
Spanish 2

3:30pm;; School's out. Going home.

3:50pm;; get home. ten minutes to get water, unwind, grab a snack.

4:00pm;; get started on any homework i might possibly have. projects, essays, reading, ect.

5:00pm;; my homework is usually done in an hour or so. check facebook, tumblr, formspring, polyvore, ect. listen to music. read. 

5:30pm;; excersize. how exciting. sit ups. push ups. jogging with my puppies. anything.

6:00pm;; dinner.

6:30pm;;take a shower.

6:50;; blow dry hair or towel dry it a little so its not a knotted mess.

6:10pm;; do anything productive. clean. do laundry. log some driving permit hours. read. something productive.

8:00pm;; go up to my room. listen to calming music. read. relax. go online for a bit. talk to a friend. brush my teeth. put my retainer in.

8:45pm;; get water. say goodnight. make sure everything i need to do is finished. organize homework for tomorrow. lay out outfit.

9:00pm;; sleep! <3
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