My Secrets

I've seen allot of ppl put secrets out here so i want to try and see what happens. Leave comments let me know
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  • Secret #1
    "I always have my camera with me, and I've taken some nice photos of my friends, but whenever i go out with them they take pictures, but they never seem to be of us or just me. I kind of want to see how they see me ... ya know?" — yours
  • Secret #2
    "I'm a size 14 and vintage just does not like girls like me, nor does that indie look i love so much. It's awful, and it always makes me feel fatter then then i am." — yours
  • Secret 3
    "I never got to go to my prom because i got mono my junior year and ended up only getting my GED. None of my friend invited me to prom. Hurt like nothing else." — yours
  • Secret 4
    "It'll never happen but part of me will always wish i lived there." — yours
  • Secret 5
    "Only one man has my heart completely, and he always will no matter what happens. I love him so so much. I know he loves me too." — yours
  • Secret 6
    "Cookie dough is really good and it makes me feel better. Always makes me feel better." — yours
  • Secret 7
    "Though I have issues with high high heels because I'm so good at falling down in them. However I wear them just the same." — yours
  • Secret 8
    "I do so want to be a mother and housewife more then anything in the world, but in this day of age its hard to make that work and happen." — yours
  • Secret 9
    "I have watched Black Swan, Dark Knight, Number 23, Saw ... you name it I watch those films over and over till i can watch them straight through and feel nothing as i do." — yours
  • Secret 10
    "People frequently told me i should cut my hair short. "a cute bob" they've said, but truly long hair makes me feel female and girlie, and I pride myself in that ... girlie girl persona." — yours
  • Secret 11
    "Know that sounds bad, but it's not at all the way I mean that. All it means is when I clean I go all out, but I don't do it near as frequently as I should." — yours
  • Secret 12
    "I'm not a party girl by any means. However some nights when I'm laying in bed sad awake with nothing to do that socialite life sounds tempting and fun, but I'm not that girl. Never have been, never will be." — yours
  • Secret 13
    "Sounds like it's not a big secret, but people that don't know me never get that when I'm quiet and look sick most likely i'm really very very sick." — yours
  • Secret 14
    "Over ten and I still need light in the room when I sleep or another person. Sometimes that doesn't work either." — yours
  • Secret 15
    "Lost a a baby fall of 2010. I miss that child everyday, and it's weird because its like a lost a part of me and lost one thing i loved more then life, but had never met it." — yours
  • Secret 16
    "I have G cups so there is not much I can do to hide them. However I use to try my hardest when I was younger and going through a rough time. Now I kind of just let them be what they are." — yours
  • Secret 17
    "I think about 100 bucks of my paycheck goes right on to my starbucks gold card. It's awful and I know I shouldn't do it but I can't seem to not get it." — yours
  • Secert 19
    "I know I don't have to marry this person. That said I just ... something is wrong with me." — yours
  • Secret 20
    "I have a pair of ballet flats in cheetah print and they are absolutely destroyed to the point were i really should not be wearing them any more. Other then UGGs they were my go to shoe all fall so you can only think how they must be holding up." — yours
  • Secret 21
    "I didn't use to make that wish, but ever since my 21st birthday I have and it has to come true, but I'll keep wishing until it does. Just like i wish at 11:11 and on stars. I still believe there is magic and that dreams will and can come true as silly as that may sound. I do" — yours
  • Secret 23
    "My imagination runs wild, and i still have high school fantasy in my head. I wish I didn't but I didn't" — yours

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