okayy so i went to the mall todayy but macy's had like nothinggg for dresses so i went to forever21 and i got this really cute light pinkish-purple satin skirt with one of those elastic band things on the waist,,, and a black cami and silver sparkly cardigan to go withh it. i'm gonna wear it with this other cami that is likee bedazzled but not realllyy, black patent leather flats, and black tightss(: and i alsoo got these earrings from forever21 idkk how to describe them but they're silver and prettyy(: so i'm gonna alsoo wear my silver necklace with this blue crystal thingg on it and my silver charm bracelett.... mightt bring my wristlett, and i'll probably just likee straighten my hair and maybee put some of it upp, or maybe i'll curl itt kindaa(:

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