Posted 7 years ago by kandyonthedancefloor
Hello Girls! (please read) it's important!!
Lilly and I would like to take the time and thank you for your participation in our group. However we have noticed the standard is slipping and we just wanted to remind all of you that this group was specifically created for those of us who want to push the boundaries of fashion and create innovative and stylish looks.
We ask that you not submit every set you create but only the ones where you have created something very original.
if you have any questions or need further clarification feel free to msg either one of us!!

Posted 7 years ago by dazedorsomething
hey, girls! If you have already read the rules you're probably thinking to yourself: uhm. this is impossible, i can't do this!!!! well, kandy and i just changed the rules slightly to make it more fair. basically use any items you want, (just use your best judgment on what's creative) but at least ONE item must be uploaded by you OR has been in fewer than 20 sets on polyvore.