My Skinny Cow’s WoCavé™ Collection

I made each room with love, dedication, and appreciation for @skinnycow products and @polyvore. I remember when I first tried skinny cow products, it was the "heavenly crisp" bars. My friend gave me one and I literally was like OMG, these are so Delicious. I couldn't believe that it wasn't only yummy but low in calories. I became an instant fan of the skinny cow products. It would be amazing to even be considered in this contest. I would use the gift card to make an amazing WoCavé™ for my college dorm in the fall. I'm moving from NC to CA all by myself. I will be going to as my family would call it, the "most expensive" art school in the world. If I did win this amazing contest, It would go toward housing expenses. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. I hope you all enjoy my collection! :)


Wrote three years ago
:) thanks!!! @dinqa

Wrote three years ago
mind-blowing collection!!!

Wrote three years ago
:) Thanks!!! @dyanjoy

Wrote three years ago
What a fabulous collection!!!! You are going to be so successful in art school!!! Best of luck!

Wrote three years ago
:) Thanks for checking out my collection!!! @monicahearts @believerofhope

Wrote three years ago
Fabulous collection, good luck to you!!

Wrote three years ago
beautiful collection of rooms :D


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