Coffee&Cakes (summer edition)

About time I updated! hahaa. Hope you guys like it. ^^;

“Hyuuung~~!” Woohyun banged on Sunggyu’s front door. “I think I lost my keys! Can you open up?? And hurry! It’s dark and scary outside!”

There was no response, yet the lights were still on from inside. Sunggyu was home!
“Ah.. that lazy babo must be asleep.” Woohyun reached in his pocket for his phone.

“Pick up pick up pick up pick up...” He mumbled.

Sunggyu was sprawled on his bed, staring at his phone ringing excitedly. He just couldn’t take it anymore. Seeing Woohyun and Eun together was too much for him. All he had to do was wait a little longer until summer could finally be over. That’s it. He’ll just sleep the summer away. There was no chance that Woohyun would stay with Eun when she finally goes back to her hometown.

“Hyung.. why are you being so strange?” Woohyun said to his phone. Now there were only two other options: to spend the night with Simon at camp or spend the night with Eun. Oh wait. Was spending the night with Eun possible? Woohyun let his imagination run wild at smiled at the thought. Eun’s place it is!

“HOLY SH-” Woohyun jumped just as a large white dog ran across from him. Anyone at this time of night could of easily mistaken that dog as a ghost! Getting inside the pension sure was a lot harder than he had expected. Thankfully it was still a little early in the night so he was able to meet with the owner’s granddaughter and convince her to show him to Eun’s room.

“Eun’s still awake?” Yurim asked.
“Uh yeah. She told me to meet her in her room..” Woohyun was lying straight through his teeth.
“Well here it is.” Yurim presented him to the door. “If you cause any trouble, don’t expect to live very long.” She added pleasantly.
“Aigoo. So feisty.” Woohyun smirked.
Yurim simply rolled her eyes and trotted back down the hallway.

Eun was safe and sound in her room. She was sleeping peacefully, curled up with her favorite stuffed toy.

“So peaceful.” Woohyun thought. He creeped into the dark to where Eun was sleeping to kneel down beside her. The moonlight shined through the window and onto her face- giving her this glow that reminded Woohyun of a princess.

“My Sleeping Beauty...” Woohyun moved closer to Eun’s face. “Now to wake you with a kiss...” He dramatically pressed his lips on hers as if he was filming a drama. Things were going perfect until the large slap in the face that soon followed.

“AAH.” Woohyun rubbed his cheek. “The princess has awoken...”
“HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET HERE??” Eun yelled in a loud whisper. “You nearly scared me to death!”

“Sorry. Sunggyu isn’t answering his phone. So I’m locked out of the house...” Woohyun groaned.
“Oh. I’m sorry. And I’m sorry for hitting you too.” She touched his cheek. “Is Sunggyu okay? Did you guys get into a fight?”
“A fight? Yeah right! Sunggyu probably just fell asleep, that’s all.”
“Are you sure he’s not sick?” Eun suddenly became worried.
“Nah. He’s always drinking milk like a champ.”
“Well then what do you plan to do?”
“Um.. well... if you don’t mind.. I was wondering if I could um... sleep here?” Woohyun pouted his lips and fluttered his eyelids.
“I guess....” Eun scooted over to make room on the bed. There was just something about that boy’s aegyo. “Just don’t get me in trouble.” She warned.
“Yeah yeah.. I know..” Woohyun effortlessly stripped down to his boxers, slipped himself in the covers and giggled like a little kid. “Tuck me in, Jagi!~~”
“Goodnight.” Eun laughed before turned her back to him.

Although before Eun could properly get some shut eye, she had to text Sunggyu to see if he was okay.

“I’m fine, just getting ready to sleep.” Sunggyu’s text read.
“Where’s Woohyun?” She replied.
“He’s sleeping in his room.”

In his room?? Why did Sunggyu lie? Did the boys really have a fight? Eun was puzzled and it bothered her too much. She had to personally go over there to find out what exactly the problem is.

“Eun... where are you going?” Woohyun watched Eun get out of bed.
“Uh.. I need something to drink.” Eun lied.
“Let me come with...”
“No. I don’t think it would be good to have you wondering around in the pension..”
“Fine. Hurry back.” Woohyun buried himself deeper in the covers.
Eun quickly put on her slippers and rushed out the door.

Sunggyu's house wasn't too far from the pension. When Eun finally arrived she pulled out her phone to call him.
“I know you’re still awake. Open up!”
“You’re here?” She heard Sunggyu say before hanging up. Soon the front door opened with Sunggyu in the doorway.
“Is there something going wrong between you and Woohyun? Why did he come in my room to sleep?”
“Ah...” Sunggyu nodded when he realized Eun found out about his lie. “Sorry, I didn’t want you to worry. I thought he was at Simon’s but I wasn’t sure.”
“How come you didn’t let him in?”
“I was sleeping..” Sunggyu lied again. “And I suggest you go back to the pension to sleep too. Summer is ending and the nights are getting colder.”
“Yes I know..” The thought of summer ending was just brutal to think about. She never had fun like this back in her hometown. “I was just worried that’s all. Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Yes I’m fine. Just go home safely. Goodnight.” Sunggyu closed the door.

“That was rather odd...” Eun mumbled. She then turned around to walk all the way back to the pension with a disappointed look on her face.

Suddenly Sunggyu came back outside with a robe and slippers. “Sorry.” He said. “I just can’t have you walking by yourself alone at this time of night. You shouldn’t have been worried about me!” Sunggyu grabbed Eun’s hand to pull her along but quickly let go as he was reminded that she was in fact, his best friend’s girlfriend. “Sorry.” He said awkwardly.

“It’s okay.” Eun laughed. “We are still friends.” She grabbed his hand anyway. Sunggyu just wanted to melt underneath the surface of the earth. His heart was burning with love he could not express. Just for this moment he wanted to pretend he was dating her. Maybe Eun wouldn’t care if he squeezed her hand or told her how cute she looked without makeup. But that just wouldn’t be right... Instead he just tried to remind himself with the reality. 

“It won’t be that long till she leaves.” Sunggyu thought to himself. “Soon I won’t have to see her again.”
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