My story: the East: Part III

Of all the provinces the East is viewed with the most suspicion. Not only because the Easterners are reluctant fighters, but because this is the place of all knowledge. Having a seer is the ultimate advantage and the East does not hesitate to use it.
Nature is also seen as unpredicatable (more then anywhere else) and any Easterner uses that to their advantage. Since this was often to the disadvantage of the North they accused them of sneaking and cheating, often earning them a bad reputation.
This is also the birthplace of the divine storms, it was discovered in the East that with the right combination of words they could (if the cause was just) call upon a divine storm that would often completely destroy their enemies.
The expectation of a lightening strike is enough to terrify just about anyone.

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Wrote one year ago
@dutchconnection Wel ik ben niet echt voor Once upon a time, om de één of andere reden vind ik dat een beetje ingewikkeld. Game of Throne is natuurlijk fantastisch, maar ik heb wel minder hoofdpersonages (dat is soms moeilijk bij te houden in Game of Thrones) en jammer genoeg ook geen draken (of hun moeders). Bij mij zit de magie in de natuur en er zijn maar twee families met speciale gaven. Het zit er hem voor de meeste mensen dus vooral in hoe ze moeten overleven in een land dat altijd sterker is dan de mensen die er wonen.

Wrote one year ago
Is het een beetje once upon a time meets game of thrones? Maar dan minder fanta?


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