What’s one piece of clothing/accessory every female should have in her closet? 
A perfect pair of jeans.
2.What’s your go to accessory? 
Can shoes count?? I'm really go by less is more (or more like few bold peices)....but I never forget to wear a watch! 
3.What’s your go to outfit? 
A loose top over a pair of jeggings and some boots! My tops are usually more bold than plain.
4.What interest you about fashion and personal style the most? 
Honestly, I love it when people dress for their body shape. If know what looks good on you there is a nil chance of going wrong... 
5.When you go shopping what or who inspires you?
Well its all has to do with my mood....sometimes I'll want smthing classy, girly, bright, edgy, flirty...but i will make it my own. I try to stay away from dark colors....or alteast match smthin bright with something dark... I guess with fashion I go my own way. :)
 6.How would you describe your personal style in 3 words? 
bold, colorful and fun
7.Why do you want to be part of the Polyvore’s style council? 
I'd love to be apart of the fashion world and doing this is would be awesome! I also have some style tips n tricks to offer!
8.What sets you apart from the other representative? 
I don't just follow trends I make them my own...I also love to try new things!
9.Describe your dream wardrobe…. 
Wow....where do I start.... Jeans of every color, skirts of all lengths and a wall of shoes that will catch my breath everytime... :D
10.Anything else . . 
Thanks for letting me be apart of this audition! @shellebelle.
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