Outfit 1 - Tights with a "WOAH IN YOUR FACE" pattern or print, singlet of any colour that matches the tights and a button up jacket over top paired with boots and matching jewelry. 

Outfit 2 (all cat) - Mock knee high sock cat stockings paired with ripped short shorts, and a cat shirt with funny saying and all the matching cat jewelry such as cat ears, collar/choker, cat rings all topped off with converse.

Outfit 3 (more fancier type sort of) - Partial lace tights paired with any over sized sweater and ballet flats. Complimented with jewelry. 

Outfit 4 (probably the one I wear most often) - Lace stockings (spiderwebs, floral, holes, etc) paired with short shorts and a band tee/tank with multiple bracelets and a necklace. All topped off with knee high converse.

Another way I dress that I didn't include is -
Skinnies (ripped, coloured, just any type) with an oversized tshirt (skulls, band, gamer, just any) with multiple bracelets and necklaces with converse and a studded belt. :)

*~If it's cold I would just throw onto outfit 2 and 4 a jacket/jumper like the ones in 1 and 3 or just a plain zip up black hoodie~* 

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