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Okay so I gotta preface this by saying I am not and have never really been a huge fan of superhero movies. I’ve always felt they had boring, repetitive plots with a bunch of massive effects to cover all the holes and lack of continuity. That being said, S*icide Squad was really no different. I went in not expecting much 1) because it was essentially a superhero style film and 2) the reviews had trashed it enough already. However, to be quite honest I don’t think it was as bad as some people are saying. It was in no way, shape or form life changing or amazing, don’t get me wrong - but it certainly was not the worst film I’ve ever seen. 

I find myself in agreement with most audience members who have argued that the plot was lacking and the pace was uncomfortable. As expected the plot was a very simple idea and frankly I don’t know how it stretched into over a two hour film. All this cast did was form the squad, fight off the mutant soldiers (over and over again, just in new settings each time), then bring down the witch. And I’d even argue the whole witch’s brother plot line could’ve been pulled entirely (just like they pulled the Joker’s scenes). 

Speaking of the Joker, his appearances never failed to make me utterly uncomfortable. And I don’t even mean in the flattering “The joker was played so well he really freaked me out” uncomfortable. It was his interactions with Harley that I didn’t like. His relationship with Harley was unbearable to watch. I for one fell in love with Harley’s portrayal and absolutely hated seeing her be jerked around by the Joker every time they were on screen together. Anyone who finds themselves idolizing their relationship needs to seriously re-evaluate what their concept of a healthy relationship is. Yes, I know their relationship has never been pure throughout their history, but bringing it to the screen was just frustrating to sit through. I’m sure many would argue that although the Joker plays some awful moves over Harley, he always comes through for her in the end - but if that is enough to say they have a good relationship, we’re just going to have to agree to disagree. 

More could be said about the film, but these are some major points that stick out in my mind immediately after watching the film. Overall I’d just wrap this all up by saying the film isn’t absolute trash, but don’t go in expecting to come out a changed person. 

Ps. The soundtrack is pretty dope though. Also, I didn’t proof read this so sorry for any mistakes.

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If you read this, comment your thoughts on the movie (if you have already watched it) ;u;

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