My Top Products for May 18th, 2013

Christopher Kane is my hero. My readers know this. This week, I have discovered - no without any surprises - that his Pre-Fall '13 collection was in stores...
This season, Christopher was inspired by Bela Lugosi, the Bride of Dracula. Velvet, sheer tulle, neon prints & shreddered denim showed that the young designer wants to go dark. And after the Frankenstein tee, we love this new inspiration. Are there some groupies, here ? Let's review:
< Bright green or electric blue ? This print reminds me the wallpapers of the Scottish haunted mansions... So dark, so Kane !
< Oh, this fantastic backpack ! Already on my wishlist, already sold out.
< His velvet pieces are so covetable... Especially this biker jacket !
< For Kane, using tulle in his collections is an obviousness. Look at this perfect LBD.
< Love for leo: this animal print is always a success. Kane has understood the way to shine...
+ Dark ! Black, in summer ? Yes, seen at Gucci, Givenchy & Balmain. Be electric !

two comments

Wrote three years ago
great job dear!

Wrote three years ago
@raissa-cristabel @rainie-minnie @armband @quiquaeritreperit @fleetingfanfan Thanks so much for liking (at the top) ! It may be stupid but this is really important for me when you like the collection and not Only some items... Many people do this and after, they use the items in their sets. For these people: Sure, you can (you must !) use it but don't forget me ! ;-) I create two issues by week and this is work (searching, writing...).
I am really happy when I receive these likes. So Thanks !!! ;-) enjoy fashion, get inspiration & be creative ! LOVE


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